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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Insecurity and Criticism in the Stage 2 Remedies

 General Characteristics of Stage 2 (urgency, fear and insecurity)

 The special quality of the remedies of the left hand side of the perioidic table is that they are on the road to recovery. Things, in general are improving as we move towards Stage 10.

According to Dr. Scholten the Stage 2 Group personalities are insecure and need appreciation and constant support.   The struggle of Stage 2 can be seen in the Typhoid, or 'sub-acute' Miasm.  They are fighting for survival; not quite as intensely as in the Acute Miasm, they know that they are not going to die if they keep fighting for their lives.  I would say this is like days 2or 3 in Intensive Care, where visitors are told that the patient is 'stable'.  There might be sudden setbacks, opportunitistc infections and so on, but the feeling on the ward is that the patient is out of immediate danger.  The best illustrative example of the Typhoid miasm I can think of is not a mineral.  In Nux vomica the patient is restless and agitated (delusions - dying, he is) and wants a safe place to rest.   He will discharge himself from hospital because he feels safer at home.

The urgency and fear are the same - regardless of the particular ailment.

In the minerals the depth of urgency and insecurity can be seen in the degree of outer threat that can be perceived in the rubrics. In Beryllium they fear abandonment. In Calc met, they dream of unsuccessful efforts and there are fears of impending disease, falling and losing.  This is is a precarious position - far from feeling comfortable and stable! In Strontium the feeling is that people are criminals and out to get them. In Lanthanum and Baryata the feeling is that they might even be murdered. 

Stage 2 patients will flourish when they feel supported. Their well know aversion to being watched comes from a fear of criticism, which is like poison to them.  It threatens everything they do and evokes the sensation of instability and insecurity. The only answer is to become conscientious ... they are hyperchondriacs and perfectionists. 

Characteristics of individual remedies (insecurity and criticism)

The general themes of the typhoid miasm seem to manifest as insecurity in the minerals. It causes a fear of criticism in this group  because their self-esteem is fragile and precarious. Rejection feels like falling.  These are some of the remedies I would consider for panic attacks.

In the Carbon Series (Beryllium) insecurity destroys their identity, which depends on feelings of self-worth, the feeling is that "I am worthless".
  • CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence - support; desires
  • DELUSIONS - meaningless; everything is
  • FEAR - failure, of/SENSITIVE - criticism; to
  • FEAR - of each operation; of death.
In the Silica Series (Magnesium) it destroys their relationships at home.  The feeling would be expressed as "I am unwanted", which of course piles on the sense of insecurity.
  • FORSAKEN feeling
  • RESTLESSNESS - driving out of bed. 
  • FEAR of disease
In the Ferrum Series (Calcium) it destroys their ability to contribute anything. The feeling might be "I can't do anything right".  The opponent of fear is security, which the Calcs appreciate very much!
  • ANXIETY - anticipation; from
  • CONSCIENTIOUS about trifles
  • FEAR - poverty, of
In the Silver Series (Strontium) it destroys their ability to think and create. There is more self-esteem and more anger - as in Nux-v. It could feel as if "My ideas are ignored and have no value".
  • HAUGHTY/SENSITIVE - criticism; to
  • FEAR - high places, of.
  • DELUSIONS - criminals, about
The nearest remedy in the Lanthanide Series is Lanthanum (Stage 3).  They don't want to be dominated and Criticism destroys their will and their ability to stand up for their inner beliefs.  It could feel like "My beliefs are insignificant".
  • HAUGHTY/DELUSIONS - alone, being
  • OFFENDED, easily
  • FEAR - murdered, of being
In the Gold Series (Barium) it destroys their ability to take responsibility.
  • HAUGHTY/DELUSIONS - alone, being
  • FEAR - murdered, of being

Just follow the themes with a light mind ... I hope they come back to you when you are working on a case :)