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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sickness during early pregnancy

[I] Nux vomica (Loganaceae x Typhoid*) : Normally busy and ambitious, they can be abrupt and  don't suffer fools gladly; they have to get things done before relaxing.

Symptoms: Nausea, especially in the morning and after eating, may respond to this remedy.  She may retch a lot and have the urge to vomit, often without success. Her stomach feels sensitive and crampy, and she may be constipated.

[II] Ipecacuanha (Rubaceae x Typhoid*): Normally enjoys stimulation but easily gets bored and annoyed.

Symptoms: Intense and constant nausea that is felt all day (not only in the morning) with retching and belching. Worse after eating.  There can be a white tongue with sour taste and profuse salivation.   Nausea not improved by vomiting.  Special care needs to be taken is Ipecac is being considered - it can cause loss of blood, with potentially disasterous consequences;  Sip L.M.1 (diluted in a litre of water).

[III] Asarum (Aristolochaceae x Ringworm**): Ambitious and haughty but delicate (sensitive and easily upset by obstacles).

Symptoms: Waves of  nausea and retching. There is watery saliva but tongue is clean in this remedy. Cool drinks or food may help, but it is hard for her to even think of eating.  She is extremely sensitive to everything—especially noise, which can aggravate the nauseous feelings.  Forehead aches. Also well known remedy for backache.

[IV] Sepia: Irritable, sad and worn-out.  Had enough of her family.

Symptoms: Gnawing, intermittent nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach. She feels worst in the morning before she eats, but is not improved by eating and may vomit afterward. Nausea can be worse when she is lying on her side. Odours of any kind may aggravate the symptoms.  Sensation of a lump in the stomach. Heaviness or sensation of a load in the abdomen.

In general the L.M. 1 potency is a little gentler and its action is slighly less prolonged than that of the 30c potency you would buy from the chemsits - but sensitivity to remedies varies from person to person. As a rough guide we could say that this sensitivity increases in people who are not quite so robust.

Further info: [Theory.Potency]

*The feeling in the Typhoid Miasm is that "I have to address this problem right now".
** In the Ringworm Miasm there is a struggle against pessimism, "Oh, not again. I thought I'd got over that".

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hypnotherapy script to evoke healing Soma

Use your normal induction method and when relaxed introduce these suggestions...

Would you like to imagine that your body can invoke its own healing response?  A healing response that you can control at will, amplifying and turning on and off as needed?  Just like the volume on your stereo ... it goes all the way to 11.

You have tried relaxation and meditation in the past and you have experienced how wonderfully relaxed your body can become, the wonderful sense of peace and calm this state of relaxation can bring about. 

This time I want you to imagine that in this relaxed state your body is now producing a little pool of wonderful somatic healing fluid, it is quite heavy, slightly oily and a little sticky and it is pale red.  It resides in our brain tissue and in our spinal column. This fluid contains all the healing chemicals and components our body needs, a flow of endorphins, and even finer bliss molecules, superfine particles that flow through our bodies when we are happy or high ....that science has yet to discover ... we don't need to know their names ... we just know they make us feel happy ... and now you feel very blissful as they are build up, inside you, ready to  flood all the sorley parts with a beautiful, unctuous and warming glow. 

If you like you can imagine this healing fluid is rather like honey, it is quite like honey, it gently bathes your tissues and cells in the softness and sweetness of life.

Imagine, if you will, that this blissfully healing elixir of life now overflows, it flows, dripping softly down from the crown of your head into your spine, and from there it flows, dripping and spreading, softly down every nerve and channel  and beginning to spread down every nerve and channel, spreading gently all over your back and sides.  Let it flow now.  That's right.  All over.  Doesn't that feel wonderful?

Healing, fluid warmth flows into your tissues and even into your bones, gently soothing, warming and relaxing every layer of muscle, every sinew and tendon all the way to your marrow ... warm, comforting, relaxing, just like the summer sun.  Relax and enjoy these special relaxing, comfortable sensations for a moment or two. That's right, relax ... let go now... enjoy.

These healing molecules flow, by nature into every little nook and cranny,  bathing every cell in their warm healing glow.  Can you imagine every cell stretching out in the sun and relaxing?  Take a moment or two.  Let them relax ... deeply immersed into ... bathing in ... this happy, sunny sensation.

As its warmth gently and smoothly penetrates and soothes every painful part you can feel those parts smiling and relaxing.  They are bathed in molecules of bliss.... molecules of life.  The sense of relaxation is timeless and wonderful. It goes on and on, like an eternity in an hour. So very relaxing.  So blissful. That's right. That's wonderful.  This level of relaxation is rare and so very special.

How can tension exist in this special blissful feeling?  This feeling that you have let yourself experience now. Tensions dissolve into relaxation and bliss allowing natural healing to begin. Let you body rest and heal. That's right. That's wonderful. As you notice the tension leaving your back and sides you notice how remarkably comfortable and relaxed you now feel all over your body. Just let yourself go. Let go. Relax completely.

Post hypnotic suggestions

Can you remember when you felt so relaxed?  You will be able to relax, just like this again, anytime you want to.  You will be able to settle down whenever you want, very easily, then just turn the dial to 11 and the relaxation will flow again, beautifully and effortlessly.

And as the day goes by you will feel more relaxed, more energised.  You might recall this special sense of restful healing from time to time ... or you might forget.  It doesn't matter.  It will be there anyway.  Gently and unobtrusively working for you all through the day and deep into the night ... when you fall into a very special, beautiful and healing slumber.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

WHO - F60.1 Schizoid personality disorder

Thesis: Homeopaths are reluctant to group remedies around any specific condition.   Is there any benefit in proposing this kind of grouping?

F60.1 Main points
Individuals with Schizoid Personality Disorder may have particular difficulty expressing anger, even in response to direct provocation, which contributes to the impression that they lack emotion. Their lives sometimes seem directionless. Such individuals often react passively to adverse circumstances. Because of their lack of social skills and lack of desire for sexual experiences, individuals with this disorder have few friendships, date infrequently, and often do not marry. Employment or work functioning may be impaired.

    * Neither desires nor enjoys close relationships, including being part of a family
    * Almost always chooses solitary activities
    * Has little, if any, interest in having sexual experiences with another person
    * Takes pleasure in few, if any, activities
    * Lacks close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives
    * Appears indifferent to the praise or criticism of others
    * Shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affectivity

Rubrics indicating Schizoid disorder ... 

    MIND - EMOTIONS - predominated by the intellect       8
     MIND - COMPANY - aversion to                                    249
     MIND - COMPANY - aversion to - desire for solitude   87
     MIND - ESTRANGED - family; from his                         27
     MIND - INDIFFERENCE - family, to his                         23
     MIND - INDIFFERENCE - joy of others; to                    32
     MIND - INDIFFERENCE - everything, to                    112
     MIND - UNFEELING                                                        51
     MIND - SENSITIVE - want of sensitiveness                 30

The rubrics indicate the following group may help in the treatment of F.60.1 disorders ....

positr. nat-m. sep. nat-sil. lyc. con. nux-v. staph. phos. plat. tritic-vg. op. sulph. sal-fr. bell. hep. nit-ac. plut-n. falco-pe. podo. ozone. anac.

Positron, at the top of the list feels heavy and isolated.  Some describe the state as serene, they are enchanted by perfection and irritated by disorder and entropy.  In this sate they do not wish  to be disturbed or to mix socially.

 MIND - DELUSIONS - invaded; one's space is being  
 MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - family and children; attempts to escape from her  
 MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - run away, to  
 MIND - ESTRANGED - family; from his 
 MIND - ESTRANGED - society, from  
 MIND - HATRED - humankind; of 
 IRRITABILITY - disturbed, when

The F60.1 core diagnostic points are present in the Positron proving, but F60.1 Schiziod category does not really tell us much about the essential nature of Postironium. It has no mass but it seems to produce a very heavy contemplative state. They dont want their contemplations to be disturbed by trivia. The theme of not caring is marked, but there is a more universal compassion.  The focus is on matters of more universal concern - as opposed to social interaction.

However, provings produce symptoms and states in healthy subjects - two postiron cases have been described by David Johnson (Hpathy).  Both were significantly withdrawn proir to the remedy.  They seem to feel ungrounded and insubstantial.  He described this withdrawal 'as having a sense of being physically present but not truly interacting with others'.  

Both did start to improve their interactions with others afterwards (

The heaviness invoked by the remedy seems to have provided some degree of social grounding in these cases. Although the F60.1 grouping does not describe the individual nature of the remedies very well it does give some indication of their clinical application.

WHO - F60.0 Paranoid personality disorder

Thesis: Homeopaths are reluctant to group remedies around any specific condition.   Is there any benefit in proposing this kind of grouping?

F60.0: Web Definition
A pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others such that their motives are interpreted as malevolent, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:

* Suspects, without sufficient basis, that others are harming, or deceiving him
* Preoccupied with unjustified doubts about the loyalty of friends or associates
* Reluctant to confide in others for fear that it will be used  against him
* Reads hidden threatening meanings into benign remarks
* Persistently bears grudges, i.e., is unforgiving of insults, injuries, or slights
* Perceives attacks on his character and is quick to counterattack
* Has recurrent suspicions, without justification, regarding fidelity of  partner

Rubrics suggesting Paranoid Disorder -
MIND - DELUSIONS - accused, she is  2  
MIND - DELUSIONS - criticized, she is  36 
MIND - DELUSIONS - appreciated, she is not  25
MIND - DELUSIONS - persecuted - he is persecuted  63
MIND - FEAR - poisoned - being poisoned; fear of  31  
MIND - DELUSIONS - pursued; he was  36   
MIND - DELUSIONS - enemy - surrounded by enemies  10

Remedies in 4 or more rubrics - gives  the following paranoid disorder group

hyos. anac. lach. dros. verat. zinc. laur. positr. kali-br. rhus-t. ars. bell. merc. stram. aids. aur. carc. ign. staph. verat-v. ambr. hydrog. moni. plb. sulph. 

Hyoscamus, the top remedy in this group  is well known for its lack of trust, especailly in childhood.  These children may have a close bond with one parent, usually their mother that is difficult to break.  This bonding is often associated with fear and domestic violence.   They feel unwanted and that they themselves are to blame for all their parents neglect.

 In adults this insecurity manifests in the delusion that their spouse is unfaithful.  They become very jealous and the sense of betrayal  can result in violence. Eventually they become suspicious of everyone.  The feeling is that people are out to 'get you'.

Conclusion:  This group of remedies should arise in any  case of Paranoid personality disorder.  It follows that although  this kind of grouping is very broad, covering a wide range of possible presentations, it gives a rough and ready diagnostic tool, however individual differences and characteristics determine the final remedy selection.  This final differentiation only comes from a close understanding of each remedy.

A richer description of Hyos (and other plant remedies) can be found at my Plants Database Project: ; click on 'Solanales'.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Remedies from the Garden - The Tiger Lily

There's a rough patch at the bottom of my garden where nothing grows but weeds.  This is not quite true, however, because I have seen Tigera yearly succession of wonderful colonists find a home in this little niche. 
In early summer small clump of  Tiger Lilies unfold their beautiful flowers, and I can be proud of the fact that they have made her home in my modest little plot.

The Tiger Lily is a refined, precious, delicate, feminine and glamorous flower, and gazing upon her can evoke feelings of excitement and passion.  It is little wonder that the Tiger Lily has become an important Homeopathic remedy for female problems.  The homeopathic picture that has evolved from many careful trials, is of a haughty, domineering woman, her sense of self-importance is such that her very presence makes lesser mortals cower. An example from popular culture would be Corrie's Sylvia Cropper, the outspoken mother of cafĂ© owner Roy, who can only be seen to associate with a 'better class' of gentleman.

Homeopathy has suffered much in the press, but despite this many dedicated individuals pursue this discipline.  I emphasise dedication because the homeopathic properties of any remedy are found by testing its effects on healthy subjects - usually students!  To accomplish this a sample is ground up with mortar and pestle and then subject to a series of dilutions, which are vigorously agitated at each stage. These dilutions determine the potency of the final product.

The properties of the original sample are of course, the same as those reported by chemists, herbalists, and sometimes from reported cases of poisoning.  Poisonings show the full impact of the substance upon our health in the most dramatic way possible.  In case you were wondering, the Tiger Lily is non toxic for humans, in fact the bulbs are edible - but some species will give your cat acute kidney failure. In Herbal medicine its affinity for the female reproductive system is acknowledged - a tincture from the plants is used to relieve uterine neuralgia and ittiration. It is also said to reduce sickness in pregnancy.  

The Flower Essence remedy, which is made by letting the flowers stand in a bowl of water in the sun, is said to promote feminine values in our arguably over-masculinised culture gently and without aggression.  We might well have a modicum of scepticism for this gentle method of preparation, but in general the themes reported by Flower Essence enthusiasts do have some degree of correspondence with those found in the Homeopathic literature.   It is at least worth noting that this theme of gently allowing the penetration of female values is quite similar to Homeopathic interpretation of the remedy as 'the overbearing female' who subsequently becomes a much gentler and friendlier person.

The information from all these sources is invaluable as it gives a broad impression of the potential impact of a remedy on our body.  As you would intuitively expect Homeopathic dilution reduces the most harmful effects of the original substance.  In a serial dilution of 6c there is very little of the original substance left. This is, by and large, depending on the toxicity of the substance, considered to be the lowest potency that is safe to prescribe without poisoning the subject.  The effects of this potency are quite physical.  The higher potencies tend to effect the emotional and mental spheres.

Quite a remarkable picture has emerged from the trials of Tiger Lily (these are known as provings)
Participants in past provings reported a feeling of disconnection and aloofness.  It is quite an irritable and humourless state and offence is easily taken because there is a feeling that her 'beautific' state  must never be besmirched by anything remotely vulgar.  It is as if this sense of poise is really quite fragile and can easily be overwhelmed by ordinary feelings.
There is conflict between that which is fine and respectable and that which is deemed unworthy.  Sexual feelings do arise and they play havoc with this sense of poise.  

Some characteristic physical symptoms (extracted from T.F. Allen) show how her mood is quite dependent on her physical complaints ...

 - Tormented about her salvation (Lyc., Sulph., Ver.), with ovarian or uterine complaints.
 - Disposed to curse, strike, to think obscene things (Anac., Lac. c.); alternates with uterine irritation.
 - Listless, yet cannot sit still; restless; must keep busy to repress sexual desire.
 - Desire to do something, hurried manner, yet has no ambition; aimless (Arg. n.).
 - Headaches and mental ailments depending on uterine irritation or displacements.
 - Menstrual irregularities and irritable heart.

No wonder Tiger Lily has a reputation as a wonderful remedy during the menopause, helping the natural expression of sexual feelings and easing many of the concomitant  physical symptoms.

  T.F. Allen: Encylopedia of Pure Materia Medica