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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sickness during early pregnancy

[I] Nux vomica (Loganaceae x Typhoid*) : Normally busy and ambitious, they can be abrupt and  don't suffer fools gladly; they have to get things done before relaxing.

Symptoms: Nausea, especially in the morning and after eating, may respond to this remedy.  She may retch a lot and have the urge to vomit, often without success. Her stomach feels sensitive and crampy, and she may be constipated.

[II] Ipecacuanha (Rubaceae x Typhoid*): Normally enjoys stimulation but easily gets bored and annoyed.

Symptoms: Intense and constant nausea that is felt all day (not only in the morning) with retching and belching. Worse after eating.  There can be a white tongue with sour taste and profuse salivation.   Nausea not improved by vomiting.  Special care needs to be taken is Ipecac is being considered - it can cause loss of blood, with potentially disasterous consequences;  Sip L.M.1 (diluted in a litre of water).

[III] Asarum (Aristolochaceae x Ringworm**): Ambitious and haughty but delicate (sensitive and easily upset by obstacles).

Symptoms: Waves of  nausea and retching. There is watery saliva but tongue is clean in this remedy. Cool drinks or food may help, but it is hard for her to even think of eating.  She is extremely sensitive to everything—especially noise, which can aggravate the nauseous feelings.  Forehead aches. Also well known remedy for backache.

[IV] Sepia: Irritable, sad and worn-out.  Had enough of her family.

Symptoms: Gnawing, intermittent nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach. She feels worst in the morning before she eats, but is not improved by eating and may vomit afterward. Nausea can be worse when she is lying on her side. Odours of any kind may aggravate the symptoms.  Sensation of a lump in the stomach. Heaviness or sensation of a load in the abdomen.

In general the L.M. 1 potency is a little gentler and its action is slighly less prolonged than that of the 30c potency you would buy from the chemsits - but sensitivity to remedies varies from person to person. As a rough guide we could say that this sensitivity increases in people who are not quite so robust.

Further info: [Theory.Potency]

*The feeling in the Typhoid Miasm is that "I have to address this problem right now".
** In the Ringworm Miasm there is a struggle against pessimism, "Oh, not again. I thought I'd got over that".

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