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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stage 1 (Column one of the Periodic Table)

The struggle of Stage 1 remedies is reflected in the acute Miasm. Acute patients are fighting for survival so there is a lot of anxiety and fear, and where there is fear there is confusion and the behaviour is very impulsive. Some of these characteristics show through in the behaviour of the Stage 1 Remedies.

The basic themes of each remedy are shared by the whole group to some degree, this is especially true in very sensitive patients. As we go down the column the atomic weight increases which changes the expression of these basic themes.

It would be very interesting to compare the Stage 1 remedies with the Lacs (milk remedies)since there quite clearly several developmental themes emerging as we go down this column of the periodic table.

Hydrogen -(the lightest element burns in air to form water)

Expansion and contraction

The lighter elements esp. Hydrogen correspond to the Ayurvedic idea of Akasha. On that theory Hydrogen would indeed be a remedy for ungrounded Vata types. But you would still take the case fully before commiting yourself to making a prescription, of course.

The extreme of Ungroundeness arises from severe vata disturbance. That degree of Vata disturbance could arise from a very SEVERE fright. The traditional Ayurvedic remedy to reduce Vata (airiness) and improve the quality of Kapha (peace) is Withiana Somnifera (Ashwaganda).

Because it is at Stage one it should theoretically have the Stage one themes of ’New Beginnings’ or ’Starting out’, like someone who’s not sure what to try next. In theory every challenge gives rise to difficult dilemmas which stem from uncertainty about one’s sense of SELF and about IDENTITY.  In the end decisions are made out of impulse … not properly thought out…. often seeming a bit foolish or even a bit crazy to others.

Hydrogen symptoms in depth

The confusion of identity stems from of loss of boundaries and can take the form of detachment, confusion of sexual identity or a sense of union with a higher consciousness. Loss of boundaries is also found in their spatial perception - giving rise to sensation of being larger or smaller.

The sense of expansion is seen in feelings of love and being in heaven. This reminds me of babies, who at a certain stage, seem to beam with smiles and happiness. The sensation of contraction and smallness may be at the root of their fears and their sense of vulnerability, especially when it is accompanied heavy pathology such as contraction of the chest and palpitation. They feel small, which may give rise to  feelings (dreams or delusions) of rejection, dirt, crime, criminality, enemies and escape.

Lithium (a light alkali metal which tarnishes in air)

Lithium met has symptoms of anxiety with confusion, fear, impulsive behaviour and hysteria. There is also sadness, self-mutilation and thoughts of suicide.  It is listed under the rubric 'mania - alternating with depression', hence its use in bipolar disorders.

They are timid and sensitive to criticism, so there is a stronger sense of self than is found in Hydrogen. Specific fears include fear of strangers and crowds, which suggest that SELF WORTH is the issue. Their view of the world seems quite self-centered and restricted and I suspect their behaviour would seem selfish to others.

In general the remedies at the beginning of the Carbon Series have little appreciation of their own SELF WORTH and potential. The sense of self-grasping and self-worth becomes more significant, exaggerated and egotistical across the row.

Sodium (a reactive alkali metal)

We don't have much info on the next Stage1 Remedy, Natrium Met; there is sadness, pessimism and despair with anxiety about the future and fear of death.  In general they are easily frightened esp. by people.

With little faith in the future their reflections are turned to the past, perhaps to times when they felt less threatened and insecure.

In the Silica Series there are lots of anxieties, but anxieties about getting on with other PEOPLE (RELATIONSHIPS) become more and more prominent.  We begin to appreciate other people and hence the importance of knindness and love.
… the anxiety is still felt pretty acutely in Natrium.

Potassium (A soft and extermely reactive metal; oxidsies in air)

Kalium seems to focus the anxiety and fear on what they are going to DO NEXT (fears – anticipation; failure).

They dream of unsuccessful efforts. Sadness and indifference come when they give up.
Kalium is in the Ferrum Series – this is where Dr. Scholten makes the connection between remedies with the wish to be DOING something with EFFORT or WORK of some sort.
(anxieties still seem acute; I dont want to fail – I must DO SOMETHING NOW)

Rubidium (Ignites spontaineously in air)

Rubidium is still full of fears, especially of being trapped or of falling. They are much more assertive and can be abrupt and quite opinionated  (haughty). Their behaviour is impatient and impulsive and is described as chaotic in the literature. This reminds me of the 'terrible twos' - the stage where the young child starts to emphatically say "NO!".

Interestingly they are sensitive to music, which gives them great joy and delight. Music is an aspect of culture which develops fully in the Silver series.

Caesium (Alkali - reacts explosively with water)

Caesium met can be obstinate, haughty and manic. Haughtiness, found in Rubidium (above) develops into delusions of superiority in Caesium.

Caesuims fears are similar to the other remedies of Stage 1, except that they fear being murdered and fear insanity. With superiority comes loneliness because they set themselves apart from lesser mortals. If they feel that they must be in command of the situation they can no longer draw support from others. They have to think for themselves, which can be quite a big responsibility. It seems that they may also fear that their attitude may deeply offend others and single them out for trouble. This feeling may be present in their dreams too - like every other Stage 1 remedy, they dream of falling.

The sense of autonomy and responsibility increases across the remedies of the Gold Series and the Lanthanides.

Francium (One of the most unstable elements)

I have no data on Francium. Dr. Scholten believes this series focuses on the development and maturation of intuition and clairvoyance. If this is so Francium's intuition would be very naiave and aspirational - as opposed to reliable. This might attract them to various obscure philosophies and sects.

If the fear of falling, which is found in all the other Stage 1 remedies, is present in Francium I suspect they would be quite supersticious - walking around with placards predicting the end of the world or the collapse of the Euro - rather like the predictions of Nostradamus.

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