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Withiana Somnifera Proving

  Withiana Somnifera

The shrub Withiana Somnifera (Ashwaganda) is a member of the Solanaceae Family. Its Sanskrit name, which can be translated as 'smell of a horse' is meant to imply that it gives the stamina and virility of a horse.

In Vedic mythology the Ashwins were athletic horsemen and lords of healing...

Bring into creation, my tireless meditations that ask for wealth, Shining Ashwins.
Grant us high spirits in battle, and with your Shaktis (Powers), Lords of Shakti, assist us.

Rig Veda, VII.67.5

Fierce Ashwins, like two poweful heros, you enable this moving, perishable mortal frame to cross over to the objects of its destination as over water; extremely strong, like the Ribhus, your chariot attained its destination swift as the wind, it pervaded, it dispensed riches.
Rig Veda, X.9.7

The Aswins can also be a reference to the healing effect of  balancing Vata on the other doshas, Kapha and Pitta. It is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for Vata types who suffer hurriedness, anxiety and insomnia. It is particularly useful for mental/emotional debility and as its name suggests, is reputed to help with sexual debility too.

Ashwganda has an affinity for the nervous, respiratory and reproductive spheres.

It is sometimes considered a cheap substitute for Ginseng.

Its Ayurvedic properties are:
    bitter (ether + air => light, drying and cooling)
    astringent (earth + air => heavy and drying)
   heating  (It can increase pitta and hence provoke Ama (toxins), e.g. gout).

The overall effect is to ameliorate vata and kapha symptoms.

Herbal preparation, Ashwagandha root extract, from Solgar.

Capsules of Powdered root extract 400mg

Mon 17 Oct
Took the capsule in the morning and forgot about it.  Went to bed as usual.  Experience a very deep dreamless sleep, like being in a dark, comfortable abyss for most of the night.  At some point I had a sexual dream.  Woke quite early, around 8:30 am, feeling refreshed.

As the morning wore on I began to feel rather dozy, and eventually just had to get back to bed.   Slept 2hrs but had an extremely erotic dream - which was remarkable in being more than unusual for me!  The rest of the afternoon I felt quite dozy and could easily have gone back to bed.  This wore off and I began to feel quite alert and 'on the ball'.

I remember thinking, "This is what entering Kapha Dosha is all about - deep, calm, peaceful".

In the evening I felt a quantum shift in my perception of others.  My partner seemed much softer and I felt less intimidated than usual. The second night, almost the same deep, comfortable sleep but waking once of twice (not remarkable for me). Dropped of to sleep easily again.

Tues 18 Oct
Soon felt energised after waking.  I felt different though, a comfortable calmness pervaded.  I didnt feel like doing my usual 'thing' - it seems pointless and trivial.  I resolved to get started on an article for the local paper that I'v been putting off for ages.   Didnt quite get round to it but fresh ideas started to flow and the new resolve to get on with it was still there - a bit daunting but also exciting.

I felt quite powerful (curative). I also felt quite calm and comfortable in "Shopping City", I usually just mind my business there, and hurry round; its a sterile, shabby, 70s complex that not many people really like.

The usual 'Vata' feeling that I need to hurry had gone, I just enjoyed being there.  Good sense of self. 

Wed 19 Oct
Sleep not quite as deep but still good. Its obviously wearing off a bit. Woke early and refreshed (I often wake too early, feeling quite heavy).  I felt a bit anxious, 'I'm a bit stuck, I need to get on with my life, try something new'.  Sort of vascillating between feelings of great resolve, "I can do anything",  and procrastination, "No, don't stick yr head above the parapit".  I guess that feeling has settled somewhere in the middle. The calmness remains.

Thurs 20 Oct
The remedy effects seems to have settled. Still in touch with that calmness and creativity.


  • Deep restful sleep
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Erotica and romance
  • Creativity and freshness
  • Calmness
  • Patience
  • Power and Resolve

Homeopathic Proving

If you would like to take part in a proving of Withiana 30c, run up on a Sulis Remedy Maker, please contact me at   I shall be asking for small donation to cover the remedy and admin. My objective is to gather enough data on this remedy to send a proposal to those UK Homeopathy Schools who do have sufficient resources to do a full Proving.

Preliminary Trial
Prior to the proving I will post a one week diary giving a day by day account of the effects of Withiana 30c.  Hopefully this will help you evaluate its suitability.

This proving is unusual in that we already knowWithiana is suited to Vata complaints.  A form to help determine your predominant doshas will be available.

Thurs 20 Oct Homeopathic Dose 30c x1

I took the dose in the late afternoon.   I soon felt a glowing wave of calmness, and then quickly felt rather sleepy and slightly irritable over trifles.  Went for a nap, which was so deep that I wondered if I was going to ever wake - whitnessing and thinking this whilst at the deepest level of sleep.  I did, after an hour or so and woke up feeling so refreshed!

During the rest of the day and evening a happy glow grew and grew.  At bedtime I knew I wasnt really in need of sleep.  The feeling was 'glowing calmness'.  If I had been alone I would'v just meditated all night. I did sleep, however, but rather lightly.  A pleasant experience, but towards dawn I had a strange dream about someone breaking in ... I was chasing after them.

This morning I feel happy and up for anything! Wonderful.

My husband took a dose just before bedtime and had a really beautiful nights sleep.

(To be continued)

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