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Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Ferrum Series - Cuprum and Zincum

Fig 1. Ferrum Series: Cu (Stage 11) and Zn (Stage 12).

Keren Horney's classification of neurotic trends (needs) and coping strategies
(towards, away, against) has sufficient resemblance to Scholtens Stages to be worth viewing in apposition to the Ferrum Series.

There is an element of neurotic submissiveness in the group which is almost its trademark! The t
endency to move towards people is expressed as feelings of helplessness (Calc) and a willingness to accept traditional views and conventional opinions (Kalis,Mags) or those of the powerful and influential (Fe to Cu). The submssiveness is a strategy to avoid being hurt.

However, starting from Ferrum (Stage 8) assertiveness and personal power develop and the trend is to move against people. They are always in the right, and this is often expressed as a battle with their parents! Many Furrum clients enjoy martial arts and even dream of War! From Copper on, the trend is to move away from people, and by degrees, to discard them altogether (Ge, Ars, Brom).

The elements on the Ferrum Series seem to be very concerened about work and value. Money and the status it offers are very important to this group. The trend is to accumulate and then to protect .

Cobalt (Stage 9) is all about trying things out and testing for faults. Their worries about any potential snags can blow up into a fear of the police! (Del: he is a criminal, and others know it)

Niccolum is at the peak and can share in the feeling of superiority that is very characteristic of Stage 10. Like a kind policeman (Robocop?) they like to keep the peace. To protect and serve is a noble task. Like Robocop they follow the rules and are therefore very controlled and good at supressing their emotions.

Cuprum is into jobs which have some prestige - selling green vegetables doesnt have much worth in the society he aspires to so he works very hard and is very competetive. Copper (as in coins!) and Zinc are both past thier peak. The decline is shown by some of their fears and delusions. Its a state where they find it difficult to perform their duties - in Cuprum they feel too old, very small and unwanted - anything could happen. The anxiety produces anger. Gerogios says the Cuprum woman dreads the accusation of being a whore.

In Zincum there is a constant feeling of being under attack (Reslessness, anxious. Delusion, persued by the police) which makes them compliant and obedient. The cause is the anxitey of being punished by their strict parents. They are very patient and responsible people and can feel ashamed if they do badly. Later on they start worrying about their Pension and its subsequent performance
and develop tremors when their investments fall.

In the spiritual sphere Cuprum clients can have a sense that they are quite spiritual, but when Cuprum is pushed into Zincum the feeling is that they are falling into the Devils hands. It
arises from their strict superego which produces is an exaggerated guilty sense of being persued.

Arsenicum fears death and despairs of salvation.

Refs, Cu and Zn: Dr. Georgios Loukas

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