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Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Sapindales - Stage 14; Indifferent to formality.

Mineral remedies which manifest various aspects of the Anacardium picture.

How can we use the relationship of similarity between remedies? I find this knowledge useful for differentiation at the remedy selection stage. My philosophical approach is to identify themes from the series and stage which arise from the consultation. If a plant remedy is required, rather than a mineral, a plant having some major charactestics of that series/stage may turn out to appropriate.

Fig 1. Anacardium.

CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence [Nat-m Calc Sil Zn]
FASTIDIOUS - prove himself; he has to
AILMENTS FROM - offended; being
[Nat-m Merc Pall Sulph]
ANGER - violent - offense; from slightest
[Aur Merc Nicc Pall Plat Plb Phos Sil Sulph]
CONTRADICTION - disposition to contradict
[Cupr Ferr Nicc Sulph]
ESTRANGED - society, from
ANXIETY - conscience, of
DELUSIONS - devil - sits in his neck; prompting
DELUSIONS - committed a crime; he had
[Kalis Ars Germ]
DELUSIONS - pursued; he was - enemies, by
[Cupr Merc Zn]

Similars [From the Synthesis CD] :
Nat-m.,R3St1/17. Sil,R3St10.Phos,R3St15. Sulph,R3St16.
Kali-c, Caust, R4St1. CALC,R4St2. Zinc.R4St12. Ars,R4St15.
Ant-t,R5St15. Iod,R5St17.

Stage 2 Remedies, Mag, Calc. In stage 2 we are pretty unsure of ourselves and can be quite timid. In Anacardium timidity, and a critical and even aggressive compensation are quite marked.

Stage 10 Remedies Sil, Plat. These remedies both have issues with self-image. The Stage 10 remedies can all be quite haughty and domineering. Anacardium can be pretty contemptuous too!

Germanium, a Stage 14 Remedy can suffer from estrangement, like Anacardium and many of the Ferrum Series remedies (esp. Ni, Cu & Zn), can in general become quite annoyed when criticised or slighted (they hate formalities!). Sensitivity to criticism though, is such a universal trait ... we have to be clear where (which series) this sensitivity is directed, e.g. our conformity to the rules, our artistic ability, or our abuse of power. It is also worth taking into account the way our reaction its expressed, 'Anacardiums' can become extreemly violent and even kill. The mineral remedies are more likely to kill themselves.

Some Stage 14 themes show through in Rhus tox, Anac's closest buddy, esp. Anxiety about business, which goes so far as to be expressed as a delusion of being persecuted or even murdered. There is hatred and suicidal thoughts brought on by thinking about the situation ... which brings us to Plumbum, the Power Series remedy of Stage 14, where the feeling is that there is nothing left of their former powers. They try to carry on as if nothing is wrong but all that's left is a show of authority. There is a deep inner weakness (Syco/Syphilitic).

Stannum, also Stage 14, in the Silver Series, is worried too ...but this time its about ideas and creativity ... they feel powerless and sad because their work is no longer admired. Their opinions are often ignored and they have to make a fuss in order to be heard ... which really takes it out of them. Weakness is an important indication in Stannum pathology. (Scholten: Elements pp. 628. 778).

The Lanthanide remedy of Stage 14 is Erbium. They feel that they are loosing thier power and this threatens their autonomy. They try to be stoical about it. As Dr. Scholten says, it's a very gloomy place to be, and because they are so sensitive the hurt is locked up and never dealt with... but they wouldn't visit a therapist because that would mean giving up some of thier power.

Stage 15 Remedies, Phos, Ars, Ant.
In Stage 15 the main characteristics that show up, to some degree, in Anacardium are a feeling that they are under threat and struggling to hold onto the power they had, and that thier affairs are badly in decline.

This feeling of 'hanging on by the fingernails' is heightened in Stages 16 and 17, until most mineral remedies, as in Anacardium, become disenchanted and antisocial in various ways.

Anacardium can give a deeper action than of any of these remedies, when it fits the totality.

If Anacardium is the Silmilimum and the action of Anacardium covers several stages this implies that an indiviual can suffer from problems arising from these same stages.

How could a single remedy such as Anacardium seems to cover so many stages? The difficulties may possibly have arisen from an earlier time in their development or career. There may be a thread of vunerability running through the whole life story that influences decisions at every turning point. That thread is Homeopathic Gold!

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