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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Medorrhinum - Rubrics mapped onto Chakras.


Kent: on Medorrhinum:
"Everything seems unreal. Constant hurry. Forgets facts and figures. Wild desperate feeling as if incipient insanity. Exhilaration in evening. Changeable state of mind; one moment sad, the next mirthful. Presentiment of death. Frightened sensation on waking as if something dreadful had happened. Hears whispering. FEAR OF THE DARK. Anxiety about her salvation."

  • Ailments from anticipation, forboding.
  • Ailments from work, mental. Concentration difficult.
  • Delusions religious. Anxiety salvation about. Clairvoyance.
  • Hurry. Delusions time passes too slowly.

  • Despair. Suicidal sadness from. Delusions doomed, being. Death presentiment of.
  • Delusions: persued; people behind him someone is.

  • Ailments from reproaches. Contradiction is intolerant of. Sensitive (oversensitive).
  • Forgetful, name, his own. Forgetful, words while speaking, of, word hunting.

  • Sadness suicidal disposition with.
  • Jealousy.
  • Selfishness

  • Anxiety conscience (as if guilty of a crime). Remorse. Reproaches himself.
  • Confusion identity as to his. Confidence want of self.
  • Egotism, self-esteem.

  • Cares (worries full of). Biting nails. Conscientious about trifles.
  • Fear, (apprehension, dread). FEAR, MISFORTUNE, OF.

  • Ailments from bad news.
  • Anxiety, anticipation; time is set if a.
  • Fear, dark, of. Fear, death, of.

From an idea by Anodea Judith.

The Sycotic remedies seem to cluster around Stages 9-12. Med is very concerned about maintaining and holding on to his situation (and ego) which is a big indicator for Stage 11. In Stage 12 the situation worsens, you get more of a feeling of being under attack and try to compensate by boasting and exaggerating. The feeling of having to keep up appearances can be a causal factor of Stage 13, the cancer miasm .

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