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Monday, 23 February 2009

Kali Mur - Voice Dialogue

Ms. Kali-M, expressed through the Voice Dialogue method.

In some cases where there are severely Pathological Subpersonalities the most obvious place to start is the Mineral Kingdom - because the emergance of subpersonalites is a loss of structure, especially of the Ego.
  • First consider: Carbon Series (Individuation) - Li, Be, B, C.
  • Then: Silicon Series (Boundaries) - Na, Mg, Al, Si.
Voice Dialogue can be used to gain perspective on everyday issues; compare the inner voices of Kali-C with Kali-M... In Kali-M the Kali theme of duty is combined with the Muriaticum themes of mothering (wanting attention and to be cared for) and self-pity (everything is going wrong - poor me!). She could be considered to be the perfect wife for Mr. Kali-C!

The Big Mind Process applied to Kali-m.

The Autonomous Self
  • The Integrated Self - My main issues are family and rules.
  • Big Mind - I'm quite conventional and proper.
  • Big Heart - I'm very dedicated to my family.
The Powerful Self
  • The Protector - My job is to protect the Self from harm. I do this by being a good mother, and looking after my family.
The Controlling Self
  • The Controller - My job is to control. I'm industrious and I have a strong sense of duty. I work hard to show my worth as a mother and I can lay down some strict rules.
The Searching Self
  • The Seeker - I'm Eros and I'm here to satisfy desire, but I dont think about sex much. I dont even want to eat, I can become bulimic.
  • The Vunerable Child - I'm vunerable and get protection by being a good mother. I'm anxious and moody. I like to be left alone.
The Reflective Self
  • The Voice of the Dualistic Mind - I usually see things in terms of attraction and repulsion but I dont want to be bothered. I'm sorry for myself.
The Shadow Self
  • The Damaged Self - If I'm not appreciated as a good mother I become sad, taciturn, indifferent, and even loathe life. It makes me ill. I want to get away from it all.
  • The Skeptic - My job is to be skeptical of everything. I worry about the home and the future. I dream of death, blood and of fatal accidents.

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