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Monday, 2 February 2009

Ignatia : Silver Series,Stage 10 or 11?

Ignatia and Stage 10/11 Elements.

The Igatia archetype (Ref:Philip Bailey) is charismatic, styish, chic and artistic. That brings us to the Silver series with a bang! They can be teachers and scholars, and their purpose is to increase the awareness of the audience. This is at the peak of the Silver Series.

Lets take a look at the rubrics used to describe the Ignatia state:

AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - sexually
AILMENTS FROM - anger - silent grief; with

AILMENTS FROM - grief; emotions

AILMENTS FROM - anticipation
;contradiction; from

COMPANY - aversion to - fear of being alone; yet

DELUSIONS - ruined - is ruined; everything is lost.

DELUSIONS - laughed at and mocked at; being

One can immediatly see the archetype described above, and additionally she is easily upset and soon feels that all is lost. This could easily be Stage 10 (Palladium) or 11 (Argentum). In fact Stage 11 experiences the feeling of trying to hold on and protect their success, this can be seen in the fears expressed by Argentum clients.

Similars [Ref: Synthesis CD]:
  1. Graph S2St10
  2. Nat-m S3St1/17. Sil S3St10. Phos S3St15 Sulph S3St16
  3. Kali-c, Caust S4St1. Calc S4St2. Ferr S4St8 Zinc S4St12
  4. Plat S6St10

The 'Similars' list also picks some later stages, notably Zinc which is Stage 12. Jan says Zinc clients tend to go over things in case they mess up, the pressure to keep up makes them restless. Notice how the picture changes in the transition between the Silver Series and the Ferrum Series - the pressure to perform at work is felt much more.

Aurum is also a Stage 11 State (Gold Series), it is noted for its dark depression. However, the most important Stage 11 remedy is Terbium. Jan says they can be charming and radiate confidence. Self control is an important Lanthanide issue. The Terbium client likes to stay in control, even in the most difficult circumstances (the Loganaceae sensation is "shattered").
The feeling is that being out of control is like blackness.


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