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Acute Trauma and the Practitioner

  Trauma and the Practitioner

Now I'd like to share a few notes describing how trauma can affect the Homeopathic Practitioner, and describe one of the remedies that helped me regain my own balance.

Situation:  Serious accident:
 I became very close indeed to someone I care very much for, almost joined at the hip you could say. After caring for him for over six months though intensive pain and so much mental/emotional suffering I lost the ability to 'be' with myself.  Every second was devoted to my patient, night and day.

Cocculus is the traditional remedy for caring and long night-watching. It didn't match my feelings.  Sankaran's sensation method associates the Malvales with close bonds and connections.  The bond was so close as to be inseperable. Too close. My individual identity was virtually forgotten.

 I took Kola 1M (A remedy classified in the Leprous Miasm, which is characterised by profound separation). Kola nuts are  traditionaly give to welcome strangers - so you can see the connection with human bonds and social inclusion already!

I accomplished the 'leprous' separation I was looking for and I became self-sufficient, i.e. centered on my own self and needs, but also, as you might expect from a leprous remedy,  hard, superior and outspoken with it (a complete 'twat' in other words). However, the the important thing is that the bond was broken. At long last! I can now enjoy quality time with my own self! I can forget my patient and get on with other work, meditation, or whatever I want',  (Sepia also, comes close to this situation).

Today I had a bite of Bournville (dark chocolate) and suddenly found myself wanting to cry, and Oh No! Wanting LOVE!
Aha, you might say ... remedy effect undone! - but no, not so fast - now its with sense of my own precious separate self.

The Bournville experience really shows the effect of potency ... the mother substance itself (theobroma) vs. 1M potency, AND the importance of getting a grip on the organic chemistry of the Botanical Family.

Interesting to note also that ALL the remedies in this fascinating Botanical family centre around 'loss of connection' in various ways - not just the leprous ones.