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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Five Areas (CBT) remedy model.

C.B.T. based model of Homeopathic Interpretation and Intervention.

CBT can be very effective in changing unhelpful thinking, right in the here and now, but sometimes more help is needed. One possibility is to support the CBT process with the energy of a well indicated Homeopathic remedy, especially if there is emotional trauma. For more info go to: RC PSYCH - C.B.T. 5-Areas Assessment. Link: What's the 5-Areas approach?

Aaron Becks Congnitive Perspective

A response to any difficult situation is filtered by our cognitive schemas which initiate the appropriate mode, which may be stimultive or depressive. Each mode has its own characteristic pattern of arousal, physiology and performance. When the threat is over a new mode takes over, switching off the hypervalent mode. If the hypervalent mode is not switched off the anxiety mode becomes chronic.

The model can be applied to the Loganacieae family ...

The Idea of Cycles is not unprecedented in Homeopathy - see Paul Herscu's work on Cycles and Segments.

Combine the C.B.T. behavioural model with that of N.L.P.

  • Situation

    • Our experience modality, e.g. Visual.
    • Ailments-from in H'pathy
  • Altered Thinking

    • Filters
      • Deletions
      • Distortions
      • Generalisations
      • Delusions in H'pathy
  • Altered Feelings

    • States
    • Supercharged Images and Memories
    • Sensitivities and Sensations in H'pathy
  • Altered Behaviour

    • Unhelpful beliefs and attitudes
    • Meta-programs (reject or accept filters)
    • Decisions
    • De-compensated behaviour or Dreams in H'pathy

Clearly, NLP and CBT have specific interventions which are outside the scope of the Homeopathic Interview, but the conceptual frameworks seem to pervade and can be used together.

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