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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lac Equinum - milk from a horse

Lac Equinum

Horses have been used and abused by mankind for millennia. They love to please but without reward they feel, desperate, irritable, and finally exhausted or apathetic.

As herd animals, confined to an enclosure they can become quite territorial. They love to run wild, so enclosures aggravate their irritability and boredom. Being forced to race can cause exhaustion, frustration and fear - in the wild they race when they are in danger.

1 Altered Thinking

Delusions, everything will fail; everything is hard; hindered. Sinking.

Has neglected her duty.

2 Altered Feelings

Ambition. Competitive. Assertive.

Anxiety. Indignation. Sadness. Apathy. Despair.

Cannot support injustice.

3 Altered Behaviour

Complaining. Sighing. Obstinate.



Desires to travel.


I used the Lac-eq themes to build a therapeutic mataphore (i.e. in hypnosis) for a friend who loves horses, a common experience, but she'd also looked after he mum for a long time and feels she could'v done more ...

"A horse is a wonderful creature, she is tall and strong and carries so many burdens on her broad back, on her broad shoulders.

She never complains but she feels so much more lighter without those burdens.

Horses seem resigned to their fate, but I’m sure you now they would rather roam free over the hillsides without a care. That’s their original state. So free. So happy.

Wonderfully relaxed, comfortable and without a care in the world".

She loved the metaphor and really did relax during the session.

As a Homeopath the use of Animal/Plant/Mineral metaphors should come naturally! We know so much about these substances from the Proving Data…

“A major theme in Lac Equinum (mares milk) is a feeling of having one’s wild spirit or nature beaten out - of being tamed into submission. This was expressed in the proving as the frustration resulting from a large, wild animal having been subjugated, domesticated, selectively bred, and, too often, mistreated by humans. Think for a moment of the battles in which horses were sacrificed, of rodeos and racetracks, slaughter houses, and overburdened pack horses”. (Herrick, 1999)

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