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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Equisetum (Horsetail)

About Equisetum (Equis)

Horsetails, ferns and club mosses are the oldest plant families on earth. Some of these plants were giants. Lycopodium and Equisetum survived by becoming smaller. Horsetails flourish in damp soils, their roots form a network which can cover your whole plot - its impossible to get rid! This affinity for dampness is mirrored in their use in Herbal medicine and Homeopathy for bedwetting.

The stems contain so much Silica that they were sold as "Dutch Rushes" for polishing metal. Silica-like remedies are known for their action in cases showing weakness and lack of self-confidence. They feel unsupported. As a result of this they find it hard to trust anyone. They can easily feel like victims so they compensate for this by trying to stay on top. They find postions where they can exert some control, e.g. as carers, and can become quite dominating and proud.

This picture has emerged more from Massimo's cases than from the old Provings, so the rubrics are a bit thin.

Equisetum Rubrics

1 Altered Thinking

Confidence - want of.

Dreams - people - crowds of (feeling smaller).

2 Altered Feelings

Delusions - falling he is (as if losing his position of security)

Restlessness. Irritability. Fastidious.

3 Altered Behaviour

Dictatorial, domineering, dogmatic, despotic.

Frowning. Scowl, inclination to.

4 Altered Sx

Bladders, urging (frequent); retention; bedwetting; pain;

Back pain

Weakness. Vertigo

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