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Monday, 7 November 2011

Relationship between Sankaran's Sensation and the Doshas

   Ericales::Ericaceae : Chimaphila umbellata (Wintergreen)

Cultural ecology: An evergreen herb found in the United States and Northern Europe. American Indians realised that it has an affinity for the urinary sphere and hardened or atrophied glands.

A. L. Blackwood: Its diuretic action relieves inflammation of the urinary tract and also removes oedema. It is also a digestive tonic. It is indicated in haematuria, ischuria, dysuria and gonorrhoea when there is urging to urinate, burning and scalding and straining following urination.

J.H Clarke: It has been used with success in cases of : inflammation of liver with ascites; abdominal and renal dropsies; enlarged mesenteric glands; The symptom : "Sensation of swelling in perineum on sitting, as if a ball was pressing against it," shows its appropriateness in prostatic disorders.

T. F. Allen: The patient is stupid and sleepy. Very nervous, cannot bear anything at all; hot, irritable, restless; thinks diseased state of the blood irritates the skin, as before the eruption of erysipelas, scarlet fever, or measles; itches terribly.

Urinary ...
  • Melancholy. Alcoholism. Stupid and sleepy
  • Urethral discharge, gonorrhoeal, chronic.
  • Bladder, fullness, inflammation, catarrh.
  • Urging to urinate - frequent.
  • Urine - sediment - mucous, gelatinous, red.
Cancer ...   
  • Chest, Mammae: induration; nodules, sensitive.
  • Cancer: Bladder. Kidney. Prostate.
  • Skin, ulcers, cancerous.
Oedema ...   
  • Generals, dropsy, from intermittant fever.
  • Abdomen, dropsy, ascites.
Sensations: Bladder: Pressing. Prostrate: As if sitting on a ball.
Therapeutics: Alcohol related (Oedma). Bladder. Kidneys
Miasm: Cancer or Sycosis (Go. Sx.).

Herbal action: Diuretic, alterative, and astringent.

The Herbal action of Chimaphila, especially the diurectic effect, can be used to help understand how the Homeopathic proving symptoms listed above can be used to understand the inner workings of the remedy - that is, its effects on the three doshas of Ayurveda.

This is because the astringent and diuretic effects are directly addressed by the plants Bitterness and Astringency. In Ayurveda, astringency is caused by a combination of the Air and Earth elements so the effect is drying and cooling. Bitterness is a combination of Air and Ether and its effect is drying, cooling and penetrating.

Ayurveda:  Frawley: Mainly bitter (ether + air => cool, light, dry); PK-V+

The symptoms show aggravation of Pitta and Kapha doshas. Interpretation of  the state of the three doshas in these rubrics (see figure also) shows how the remedy works at different stages of disease.

 Kapha aggravation (water element) results in catarrh, oedema and ascites when sticky, fluid kapha molecules leak out of their normal channels. Those with long standing kapa aggravation devlop thick  mucous deposits in various places, which eventually begin to become inseperable from the tissues and begin to harden or even form tumours and cause pressing sensations.

The cooling, light and penetrating properties of bitter herbs like chimaphila are vata characterisitcs which help break up heavy kapha deposits. Bitter herbs, because they are light and sharp can also pacify cutting and stabbing sensations.

 Pitta aggravation (fire element) causes inflammation and burning sensations.    Excess heat is cooled by bitter and astringent substances and excess stickiness and oiliness is dried up.

In conclusion the correspondence between the bitter properties of the herb (light, drying and penetrating) and the symptoms is clearly demonstrated.   These properties address the disordered state of the doshas and tissues. It is also clear that sensations such as cutting, burning, pressure, etc are closely related to the characteristics of the aggravated doshas accumulated effect on the channels (srotas) and tissue layers (dhatus).

An understanding of the herbal action and state of the three doshas allows us to pack much more information into any remedy description. The established Homeopathic Shorthand of "Miasm", "Stage", and "Sensation" can be extended to include Herbal and Ayurvedic properties.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Introducing my friend Dendoraspis, the Black Mamba

  Dendoraspis, the Black Mamba is a ferocious member of the Elapidae, who all proteroglyphis, i.e. having rigid fangs.  Other members of the Elipidae include the Cobras (Naja), Kraits (Bungarus) and the  deadly Taipan (Oxyuranus).

The venom, which is neurotoxic and usually fatal, runs down a groove in the fang. The bite causes drowsiness and neurological and neuromuscular symptoms, leading to paralysis and heart and lung failure. Death is by asphixiation. It affects acetylcholine receptors in both the peripheral (sympathetic) and central nervous system.  In the CNS, ACh affects arousal. In the PNS it affect muscle fibers.

Meet the homeopathic Mamba

The Mamba feels injured and alone, and he feels it's his duty to fight for others in the same situation.  So, the Mamba is quite sad and sentimenatal and because of this he will extend his sympathy - but he can also become censorious, dictatorial and cruel.

They are quarrelsome by nature and this is what you get if you argue with this guy ...
  •  Malicious. Anger: Sudden and violent - from contradiction.
  •  Unfeeling. Kill; desire to - contradicts her; the person that
  •  Loquacitity - Cursing. Answering hastily,  violently and deceitfully. 
  •  Liar. Always avoiding any blame.
It is a quite a sexual remedy. In the sphere of dreams we find a strange and violent sexuality which is mixed with torture and rape. They also dream of danger, dangerous animals and of defending their family.

How many remedies dreams of a monk with an erection?  Dendroapis does. It's the percieved hypocracy that they can't abide.  Everyone's a liar to Dendroaspis ... even you!

It's no use protesting, you'll just make it so much worse for yourself.

Run for it ...

Dendroaspis Physicals  (Arterial Conjestion)
- Head pain - Temples - right.
- Head pain - burning - forehead.
- Head pain - sharp.
- Generals - pain: sudden, shooting or neuralgic.

Bio-Stategy: "Don't mess with me".
Compare: Staphy; Dysprosium; Thulium. 

Mamba toxins:
Fasciculins: block synapses causing tetany and death.
Dendrotoxins: inhibit nerotansmitters, which causes paralysis.

Compare the Mamba with the rattler, Crotalus horridus, a member of the Viperideae family, (sub-family Crotalinae) - who all have huge, folding fangs, also feels under attack ...

DELUSIONS - insulted, he is - looked down upon

He really thinks that he's pretty cool!

T.F. Allen's Encyclopedia; Crot-h; Physicals  (Arterial Conjestion)
The bite cause edema and tissue destruction.  It quickly causes hemorrhage and hematomas. It causes coagulopathy, where like thrombin, it clots fibrinogen and aggregates platelets.  It also causes systemic muscle necrosis.
- Headache, extending into the eyes.
 -Pressive frontal headache, followed by sensation of nausea.
- Dull stitches in both temples.
- Sudden violent drawing pain from the vertex into the right eye. Pressure deep in the orbits, behind the ears, and in the nasal bones, so that, as with the pressure in the temples, he is obliged to bite the teeth together,

Crot-h toxins:
-Neurotoxin: Phospholipase (PLA2), which is a melittin compound, which releases arachidonic acid from cell membranes causing pain and inflammation.
-Myotoxins such as crotamine, which paralyse and cause necrosis of  muscles.
-Fibrinogen clotting enzymes; where coagulation is disrupted causing bleeding from wounds, the GI tract and lungs.
-Bradykinins, which cause blood vessels to dilate, reducing blood pressure. It also  increases vascular permeability. Both effects result in inflammation and pain.

Crot-c, like most snake remedies, can be angry, destructive, competetive, cruel and suspicious.

CONTRADICTION - intolerant of contradiction

Crot-cascavella is a little more playful and sociable and there seems to be slightly more remorse and guilt.

T.F. Allen's Encyclopedia; Crot-c; Physicals  (Arterial Conjestion)
- This is the right handed snake remedy: Head pain side - right.
- The entire skullcap compresses the brain like an iron helmet.
- Painful pressure in the temples.Very acute lancinations in the right temple.  
- Forehead. Frontal headache, as if the head would split, with weight above the eyes.
- Cutting sensation all around the eyeball, as if it was being taken out with a penknife
- Pain under the right orbit, and at the right side of the forehead.
- Sensation as if a red-hot iron were stuck into the vertex.
- Red face.  Flushes of heat. Oppression of breathing, as though there were not air enough in the house. 
- Palpitation of the heart

Crot cascavella can help after a stroke ...

EXTREMITIES - PARALYSIS - hemiplegia - right

Lachesis (Ophidia) Fam: Viperidae/Crotalinae

Lachesis is another cool and sociable type, although  trust can be an issue - they be friendly whilst reserving their judgment about you. A trivial mistunderstanding can spark off a serious quarrel.

 T.F. Allen: "Becomes easily peevish and mistrustful;believes himself intentionally injured by all his environments, and attaches the most hateful significance to the most innocent occurrences".

Lachesis; Physical Symptoms (Arterial conjestion)
The bite causes swelling and pain with local tissue destruction and coagulopathy.  There is also loss of blood pressure and a decreased heart rate.
- Congestion of head. Deep internal Headache.
- Rush of blood to the head for a few hours in the forenoon, especially on stooping, preceded by headache above the right eye.
- Throbbing pain above the right eye, with nausea.
- Pulsating pain in the right temple, that extends into the right orbit.
- Headache extending into the root of the nose with drawing, jerking, tensive sensation in the bones of the skull and cheeks. 
- Feeling as if some one were cutting pieces from the right parietal bone. 
- Sticking in the vertex and temples, as with knives and forks;extending through the whole head, with catarrh and stiffness of the nape of the neck,

Lachesis toxins: Viper toxins plus ...
Haemotoxins: destroy RBCs by haemolysis.

Refs: Info on toxins plus thumbnail images : Wikipedia

Friday, 7 January 2011

A heart of Stone - Jade Proving Diary

Homeopathic Jade - one of the most beautiful remedies in the MM. At 1M the energy it stimulates rises through each chakra giving strength and purity. It feels lik a 'hard' remedy. Perhaps its hardness is the basis for its strength-giving aspect. The beauty and clarity of the stone is the basis for the clarity and light it provides. The combined effect produces a wonderful sense of renewal, revitalisation and determination.

If Jade has a voice it says ... "I will go on."

There is an affinity for the Kidneys; in T.C.M. they are source of one of the main essences of life - Jing. You are born with a certain amount but it can be replenished.
At one point, I experienced a pleasant tingling sensation in that reg...ion, and subsequently a pleasant upward stream of cleansing energy.
Using a simple Chi-Kung circulation technique I found I could direct the flow into any chakra or area, feeling as if I was washing and clearing out subtle deposits of toxicity ('Ama' in Ayurveda).
I slept lightly but woke refreshed.

    • The overall 'feel' is a bit like Silica, but much nicer. Nephrite does contains silicates of Ca and Mg.See more
      I felt quite focussed during the day, but by 5pm I was getting a bit of a headache ... it felt like my brain-case was too hard. My lower back felt a bit stiff too. I had a lie down and I dri...fted into a nice relaxed and refreshing state for an hour or so.

    • Today, day 2, I feel quite 'bright'. In meditation the energy was quite definately 'stuck' in my head - normally I meditate on my heart chakra, which is usually a 'softer' slighly more diffuse feeling

    • On Day 3, yesterday, I felt SOFT. I let Sophoclese T. Cat sit on my knee for once. I found myself crying for the ooor old thing. The hardness of the remedy found something HARD in me to resonate with, Hard vs. Soft ... "Law of Similars", do you see

    •  Jade is also know as SANGYESHAM PISHTI, which is used to treat, kidney disorders and hypertension of cardiac and renal origin.
      It also helps children build bones and develop more intelligence.
      [Ref: NLAM].

      On Day 4, whilst doing the shopping I noticed that I felt exceptionally un-hurried, really just much more "chilled-out" than usual. Cool!

      HOWEVER, on Day 5 I felt well bothered about an incident last year, where I had to suppress my anger - a situation where I HAD TO 'be nice' ... or get the sack. As a rule I don't like being nice when I'm annoyed. The conflict is that it feels like I'm letting myself down by being a pathetic wimp ... or worse, just being a daft tw*t for even being there. I'm a pushover. Too soft. 

      Too much thinking ... felt like some 'zzzzs'; woke feeling softer and quite fluffy. 
      Got a tune on my mind ...

      "Love is the answer ...
        ...Gotta let it grow" (John Lennon).

      Homeo' remedies can often point out buried, unresolved and ongoing emotions from the past! 
      P'haps the theme of the remedy : TOO HARD vs. TOO SOFT ...
      ... and its resonance, like water, finds it own level and then comes to rest in a balanced and peaceful place.   
      Where there is emotional hardness there is softening.  Where there is softness there is strength.

      P'haps the miasm of Jade is Cancer: "Things will be destroyed if I do not keep control" (Sankaran)

      Potential Use:  Where the emotions have become hardened by frustration and anger.  It is almost as if the fire of anger (Pitta) has baked the emotions dry.  All that's left is Vata - the intellect.  
      Perhaps its a remedy for those who never cry, but who really need to feel the softness of tears. 
      In terms of Scholten's Stages it seems to correspond with the middle and with right side of the Periodic Table.  Stage 9, which just before the peak is only satisfied with perfection.  Stage 11 is just over the peak, feeling slightly disenchanted and needing a little extra impetus to get back on top. There is more struggle in Stg 12. Quite like a tired old 'Carcinosin'. Stage 13 has almost reached the point of giving up.  
      Jade may be helpful in resolving the crisis of confidence found in all of these stages.