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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Periods and Integral Psychology (contd).

What is to be cured?

In the lower patholgies, in the stages between the transitions, or fulcrums (Fig.1) F0 - F3 we would find the childrens remedies such a Chamomilla, Dulcamara or remedies from the Carbon or Silica Series ... the issues are of self individuation, conceptual and emotional boundaries - other therapies might be Psychoanalysis or Primal Therapy.

Fig.1. Fulcrums: Stages and Lines of Development (Wilber).

In intermediate pathologies, F4 - F6 the focus of the Self is on identity vs. rules and roles, which are the issues of the Ferrum and Siver Series, the plant remedies to consider might be the industrious Nux-v or perhaps the coquettish Pulsatilla or the perfectionist Vanilla personalities. Other useful therapies might be the "Script Therapies" which facilitate reprogramming for self-esteem, etc, such as C.B.T. and N.L.P.

In F7 - F9 the focus is Transpersonal. The remedies would be from the Silver, Gold or Lanthanide series. Other useful therapies would be Humanistic branches of psychology such as Psychosynthesis, Existential Psychology or transcendental practices such as T.M., Zen and Mahamudra.

This is however, only a linear view - a result of plotting developmental stages sequentially.
In real life different aspects of our personality develop at different times with different dynamics.

The significance of recognising the limits of this view is that a Lanthanide remedy could be appropriate for a spiritually precocious child! As an example, take the Tibetan monks who search remote villages for reincarnations of their teachers ... In such a case either of the Lanthandies, Lanthanaum (Stg2,R7) or Cerium (Stg3,R7) could be more appropriate than Calcera (Stg2,R4) for a genuinly sensitive and spiritual child who feels insecure because she notices the differences beween her outlook and that of her more down-to-earth peers.

Ref: Integral Psychology by Ken Wilber. See Also: Sri Aurobindo's Psychology

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