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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hypnotherapy script to evoke healing Soma

Use your normal induction method and when relaxed introduce these suggestions...

Would you like to imagine that your body can invoke its own healing response?  A healing response that you can control at will, amplifying and turning on and off as needed?  Just like the volume on your stereo ... it goes all the way to 11.

You have tried relaxation and meditation in the past and you have experienced how wonderfully relaxed your body can become, the wonderful sense of peace and calm this state of relaxation can bring about. 

This time I want you to imagine that in this relaxed state your body is now producing a little pool of wonderful somatic healing fluid, it is quite heavy, slightly oily and a little sticky and it is pale red.  It resides in our brain tissue and in our spinal column. This fluid contains all the healing chemicals and components our body needs, a flow of endorphins, and even finer bliss molecules, superfine particles that flow through our bodies when we are happy or high ....that science has yet to discover ... we don't need to know their names ... we just know they make us feel happy ... and now you feel very blissful as they are build up, inside you, ready to  flood all the sorley parts with a beautiful, unctuous and warming glow. 

If you like you can imagine this healing fluid is rather like honey, it is quite like honey, it gently bathes your tissues and cells in the softness and sweetness of life.

Imagine, if you will, that this blissfully healing elixir of life now overflows, it flows, dripping softly down from the crown of your head into your spine, and from there it flows, dripping and spreading, softly down every nerve and channel  and beginning to spread down every nerve and channel, spreading gently all over your back and sides.  Let it flow now.  That's right.  All over.  Doesn't that feel wonderful?

Healing, fluid warmth flows into your tissues and even into your bones, gently soothing, warming and relaxing every layer of muscle, every sinew and tendon all the way to your marrow ... warm, comforting, relaxing, just like the summer sun.  Relax and enjoy these special relaxing, comfortable sensations for a moment or two. That's right, relax ... let go now... enjoy.

These healing molecules flow, by nature into every little nook and cranny,  bathing every cell in their warm healing glow.  Can you imagine every cell stretching out in the sun and relaxing?  Take a moment or two.  Let them relax ... deeply immersed into ... bathing in ... this happy, sunny sensation.

As its warmth gently and smoothly penetrates and soothes every painful part you can feel those parts smiling and relaxing.  They are bathed in molecules of bliss.... molecules of life.  The sense of relaxation is timeless and wonderful. It goes on and on, like an eternity in an hour. So very relaxing.  So blissful. That's right. That's wonderful.  This level of relaxation is rare and so very special.

How can tension exist in this special blissful feeling?  This feeling that you have let yourself experience now. Tensions dissolve into relaxation and bliss allowing natural healing to begin. Let you body rest and heal. That's right. That's wonderful. As you notice the tension leaving your back and sides you notice how remarkably comfortable and relaxed you now feel all over your body. Just let yourself go. Let go. Relax completely.

Post hypnotic suggestions

Can you remember when you felt so relaxed?  You will be able to relax, just like this again, anytime you want to.  You will be able to settle down whenever you want, very easily, then just turn the dial to 11 and the relaxation will flow again, beautifully and effortlessly.

And as the day goes by you will feel more relaxed, more energised.  You might recall this special sense of restful healing from time to time ... or you might forget.  It doesn't matter.  It will be there anyway.  Gently and unobtrusively working for you all through the day and deep into the night ... when you fall into a very special, beautiful and healing slumber.

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