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Saturday, 26 September 2009


End Game - Lutetium.

Lutetium has suffered so much that there is nothing left. The connection to this world is crumbling and or broken. They are dissociated and dysfunctional. 

They dont want or need anything the world has to offer, they are alone but they don't care.  Its a state beyond desire, without hope. The "emotional body" isn't flat - its dead.

Its one stage from the Autistic-like states of the Halogens and it looks a bit like some of the Bird Remedies - the captive ones, for sure. They still have a sense of playfulnes and humour - but it arises from their own distance from the world and its clarity and wisdom are pervaded by nostalgia and emptiness.

Image: Think of a survivor stumbling around the sterile war-torn landscape of Judgement Day.

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