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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Conan the Samarium

Samarium Praxis - the struggle to acheive, from page to stage.

Jan Scholten says that the experience of Samarium is extreme pressure and heaviness. They have to force their way through life. They have amazing inner strength, and they will put incredible pressure on themselves to get things done. Their own expectations are the driving force. Their forceful attitude to life might be expressed as ....

"You just have to get on with it".
"Lets get it done. Whatever it takes."
"Nothings gonna bring me down".

A typical Samarium dream is of driving at great speed trying to keep the car on the straight and narrow.

They still feel that they have lots to do and that they will go far. The reward for their struggle is independence and autonomy.

They have to get over, round or through every obstruction. Opposition is felt as harsh criticism, in fact it can seem like everyone's a critic. Its easy to criticise, but much harder to DO!

Provings often give a mixed bag of results. In Clinical trials the remedy is judged to be suitable for the person, which means they will be sensitive to it and their reactions will be good indicators of its therapeutic role. One person who took part in an early proving seems to have experienced the expected result with Samarium, which is a Stage 8 Lanthanide (autonomy/power) Remedy:

"I feel self-confident and assertive. The sensation is that I am who I am."

Various others described feelings of "hindrances" or of "breaking boundaries" which are, in general, typical of Stage 8 - the theme of "pushing through".


  1. Samarium Muriatium can be the remedy required when we have tried to push our ideas to the limit but the world seems to be on top of us and we begin to feel sorry for ourseleves.

  2. Samarium Carbonicum can be the remedy we need when we are struggling with the pressure of finding satisfaction and a deep sense of worth from our endeavours.

  3. Samarium Sulph can be needed when we are struggling to find true love in all sorts of different philosophical traditions.
    "All you need is Love ..."

  4. Hi Steph, could you explain me the Samarium Silicatum means? Thanks