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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Palladium <> 3rd Chakra <> Sycosis

Third Chakra
Autonomy. Individualty. Will. Self-Esteem. Power.
Blocks: Glamour. Rejection and criticism. Secrets.

The Miasm (Sycotic) - The sycotic person will show off - glamorous looks, recognition, and so on are very important. They crave attention all the time and keep thier faults to themselves and hide their feelings. They are stiff because they want to stay in control of their emotions. They want things to be fixed so they focus on details and classifications. It can lead to dogma and pedantry. Doubts and anxieties (psora) are exaggerated and overdone. (Ref: George Loukas).

Palladium is so typical: I lack confidence sometimes so I feel insecure. I'v got to be perfect so I must to hide my mistakes. If I'm appreciated I don't need to hide my mistakes. Thinking that, "My way is best" can lead to rigidity and fixed ideas.

The Autonomous Self
Big Mind - Vivacious and Idealistic: I'm it! I'm there! I'v worked for this. It feels great. I'm wonderful. Perfect. A success.

Big Heart - I deserve admiration: I need some sort of approval and encouragement. I'm not really appreciated.

The Powerful Self
Energised - I must please: I have high expectations which make me a bit anxious. I reassure myself by being focused, directed, in control of every detail, so enjoy the show - It's all for your benefit so don't criticise or insult me.

Depleted - Collapse after the performance: I made a mistake. My plan didn't work.
I'v lost control of things and I'm feeling weak, lonely and sad. Am I still good enough? What can I do now to get their attention?

* Ailments - mortification/wounded honour/being offended/egotism.
* Delusions - abused/criticized/insulted/neglected/tall/enlarged.
* MIND - HAUGHTY - wounded self-esteem; wishes to be flattered
* MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence

Conclusion: The Power remedies of the Lanthanide and Gold Series all affect Sycotic aspects of the 3rd chakra? Hmmm ... most of these are normally considered Syphilitic remedies.

So consider Gadolinium - also Stage 10, and (from a 3rd chakra perspective) it seems to be complimentary to Palladium - Jan says they give you an impression of being self-satisfied or even haughty. Balance and Control are very important to them and can lead to rigidity. Its anxiety vs. self-esteem again. We are back in 'Sycotic' territory!

Leela D'Souza

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  1. Compare with Samarium. Complimentary to Phos.