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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Relationships between the Scrophulaceae and the Ferrum Series

  Ord. Lamiales,  Fam. Scrophulaeceae.  

In the mental sphere the patient is sad and depressed...

  • Ailments, from debauchery; from grief. Lascivious, (lustful).
  • Dipsomania, alcoholism.
  • Despair. Anxiety. Cares. Conscientious +/- Anger, trifles, at.
  • Delusions, light, incorporeal, he is (light=>floating).
  • Reproaching himself. Delusions, wrong, he has done.
  • Suspicious. Company, aversion to. Fear, people of. Escapes.
  • Anguish, cardiac. Fear, suffocation, of, heart disease, in.
  • Heat flushes climacteric. Heat flushes sexual excess after.
Therapeutics: Heart. Liver. Kidney. Sexual sphere.
Sensations: Stitching. Miasm: Sycotic. 

DD: Stage... Suspicious => S12-S15; Outcast => S16-S17
DD: Series... Done wrong => Ferrums
DD: Elem..... People, aversion => Cupr; Persued => Zinc
DD: Salt...... Lascivious => Carbs Nitricum Flour ;

Comparitive Extraction:
Delusions - light, incorporeal, he is: Dig Zinc Plut-n.
Delusions - conscience; anxiety: DIG Zinc.
Death - presentiment of: Dig Zinc. Zinc-p.
Nymphomania - ORIG Dig GRAT Zinc Zinc-p

Sensation: Dig: Acute: Sudden Break of Connection.
Dis-connection (and holding-on) increases in Stages 12-15: i.e. Zn Ga Ge Ars. Could ALL the Scrophulaceae, from Rajan's acute to leprotic states, are grouped around ONE Stage? Lets look for a pattern by considering Gratiola.


Image: Haughty. Loquacious. Hates contradiction and will contradict you! Gratiola's haughtiness is actually a reaction to the humiliation caused by pride of others.

  • Loquacity, cheerful, exuberant.
  • Nymphomania. Sexual desire-excessive.
  • Anger, contradiction, from. Anger, violent.
  • Loathing life. Aversion. Mistanthropy
 Relations: Zinc or Germanium plus the Flouratum Salt. 
DD: Stage... Outcast => S16-S17
DD: Series... Hides inefficiency => Ferrums
DD: Elem..... Contradicts => Germanium
DD: Salt...... Lascivious => Flouratum;
Comparitive Extraction:
Misanthropy : Grat Germ
Quarrelsome: Grat Dig Zinc Germ
Contradiction: Grat Nicc
Haughty: Grat Cupr
Sensation: Grat: Leprosy: Despised therefore no more Connection.

Gratiola (S14) like Digi (S12) is in the Ferrum Series - some of the Gratiola pathology is similar to Flour.

Ord. Lamiales, Fam. Verbenacea, Spp. Agnus Castus.
Agnus Castus (Chaste tree, Monks Pepper!) - DD Ant Crud.

Image: Breakdown. An important remedy for the Sexual sphere when there is debility and depression, as in premature old age (perhaps caused by high-living). After feeling pretty special they begin to feel useless and therefore worthless. The sexual urge is lost. 

Clarke: Great sadness with a fixed idea of approaching death. This fear is not of immediate death as with Aconite, but the patient thinks it is sure to come after a while, and there is no use in doing anything. The selected rubrics give some indication of the state ...

  • Ailments, from sexual excesses. Amativeness. Satyriasis.
  • Coition averse to. Erections, wanting, desire with.
  • Vivacious. Exhilaration, alternating with sadness. Sentimental. Wants to be quiet.
  • Grief. Discontented with everything. Morose. Despair. Ideas, deficiency of.
  • Delusions - body is lighter than air. Doubt if anything had existance.
  • Delusions - he is worthless; of being nobody.
  • Loathing life. Indifference to external things. Death desires. Suicidal, thoughts.
  • DEATH -presentiment of -soon and that she cannot be helped; believes that she will die
Performance could be a major issue...
  • Ailments, from anticipation, foreboding. Frightful/anxious dreams.
  • Contemptuous, self, of. Confidence, want of self.
  • Intolerant of contradiction.
  • Discouraged, alternating with haughtiness.
  • Ejaculation - scanty/quick/failing. Erections either incomplete or strong.
  • Weakness from pollutions.
Some physical indications which confirm both Sycotic and Syphilitic miasms.
  • Gonorrhea, suppressed (sycosis). Urethra: Discharge, gonorrhoeal.
  • Sycosis. Syphilis. Mucus secretions yellow. Ulcers indolent.
  • Menses, painful. Protracted.
  • Nose, odors fish-brine; musk.
  • Pain, benumbing. Pain, drawing, bones in. Pain, paralytic, joints in.
Therapeutics: Gonorrh�a. Ulcers.
Sensation: Corrosive itching. Stitching. Tearing (muscles).
Miasm: Sycosis. Syphilis.

DD: Stage...
Loss: Discontented, Suicidal => S15
DD: Series... Loss of ideas or performance => Silver Series
DD: Elem..... Sentimental => Antimonium Crud (the sulphide)
DD: Salt...... Loss of Enjoyment => N2, O2; Relationships => Sulphur

Comment: Yet another Stage 15 Lamiales Remedy!

Reflection: In Dr. Rajans Gratiola case (Plants III) the Ferrum series is confirmed by loss of connection to society, i.e. to the village.  However, several Digi (closely related to Grat) rubrics suggest that they are both morally and spiritually sensitive (Lamiales trait) and can therefore lose connection with their spirituality,  which is clearly demonstrated in Dr. Rajans Veronica (Lamiales::Plantaginaceae) case in Plants II.  This interpretation is born out by the info we have on Buddleah.

RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS - too occupied with religion: Dig  ZINC stann

THOUGHTS; profound: Grat

This would suggest a different series althogether; a second reading of such a case could fit the Lanthanides.  Is their search directed within? Is the issue (Series) self-determination or work?   

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