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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sycosis (exaggeration and cover-up) in the Stage 6 Remedies.

Dr. Scholten describes Stage 6 as "The Challenge".  It the kind of situation that occurs when you have gained some expertise and the time has come to put it out into the world.  It's time for your performance.  You have the  grounding, the techniques - but not the experience, and there's only one way to gain that experience - you just have to go for it.  If you dare. Going through with it is the only way to progress.  How many projects get stuck at this stage?  Its like launching into the unknown.  Its the opportunity to show what you can do.  The alternative is to stay hidden - and stuck in Stage 6!

Each series (row) of the Periodic Table has its own sphere of expression.  The sphere of the Ferrum Series is at work, the Silver Series is in creativity, the Lanthanide Series is in inner power the Gold Series is in outer power and the Uranium Series is in intuition and wisdom.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Ferrum Series is Chromium.  All the Ferrums are forceful but they are usually obliged to  put up with "the rules of the game", so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard.  

In Chromium the feeling is that making a mistake means getting hurt.  This means the challenge is in keeping up appearances.  The result is that they can become rather closed and private people, hence the idea of "cover up" - a trait common to the Sycotic Remedies.

I cant help comparing Lycopodium to Chromium.  Lyc. has doubts about taking on responsibility and projects a very self-assured, perhaps even slightly arrogant, image to society at large.  Like Chromium, Lyc likes to be in control, and is wary of anything that could lessen his grip on things.  Like all the Stage 6 remedies Lyc feels he has something to prove and will force himself to overcome his doubts and fears.  Things usually go well when he does so.  Likewise, Chromium feels fully committed to his plans. In an argument Lyc. feels he is always right and will evade the issue if he feels cornered.  The issue is one of embarrasment - which chromium shares. Both are trying to keep up appearances.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Silver Series is Molybdenum.   In this series the focus is on performance and perfection.  They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Molybdenum the challenge is to prove that their creativity is viable.  The secret creation has to be exhibited.  They are proud of their work but fear humiliation.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Lanthanides is Neodymium.  The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength.  Their efforts are directed toward achieving  strength of mind.

In Neodymium the challenge is to prove their autonomy.   They are not quite there, so to accomplish this they become closed and try to be hard . Its like putting up a wall to protect themselves from any doubt  about their independence and their self-control.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Gold Series is Tungsten.  The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility.  They use their power to rule - for better or for worse.

In Tungsten the challenge is to prove that they can be a leader.  They can be forceful and arrogant, but again they are keen to hide any uncertainty.

Below is one provers journey on Tungsten. It could equally be interpreted it as a transition from Stage 5 to Stage 6, or as a transiton of the failed Tungsten state to its cured, positive state.

Tungsten Proving
#87::Day1: Confident. Feel less intimidated.
#87::Day4: Shouted back at boyfriend.
#87::Day6: Feels as if heart is opening. Not as forsaken from family.
#87::Day9: Feel happy and intigrated.
#87::Day13: Confronted a stranger.
#87::Day 16: Enjoyed socialising.

The rubrics we have on Tungsten trace a similar story to the proving, although the failed state is quite dark and they feel out of it, indifferent, and even unreal.  The cured state is "right up for it" ...  The situation could be one of redundancy (a maintaining cause) that suddenly rights itself when a new career opportunity presents itself.

The Tungsten failed State:
Serious. Sadness. Death thoughts of.
  Company - aversion to.
  Delusions - alone, being.
  Doubtful. Delusions, fail, everything will.
  Fears people, being murdered, falling.
  Time passes too slowly.

Positive Tungsten
  Exhilaration. Optimistic.
   Ideas, abundant.
  Occupation - amel.
  Haughty, best clothes, likes to wear his.
  Fearless - danger, in spite of.

- The Stage 6 remedy of the Uranium Series is Uranium. The focus of this series is on intention and intuition.  In Uranium the challenge is to demonstrate their powers.   My guess is that they can be quite excited about their powers of intuition., but they are still developing  so they can be nervous about showing off - which only invalidates their accomplishments anyway.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of Stage 6 in the Uranium Series could be found in the challenge of taking up the Buddhist Practice of Bodichitta.

"Yes, I will extend my comfort zone, and practice generosity and loving kindness in a world where everyone has their own expert opinon, without any expectation of the slightest recognition".

"Just as the great elements of earth, water and so forth support the life of sentient beings, so may I too become the foundation of sustenance for all".


  1. Once you have empirically established that someone is reactive to any one of the Stage 6 remedies you can be fairly certain that the other Stage 6 remedies will also have a beneficial effect in their respective spheres (e.g. work/intellect/power).

  2. Do these homeopathic elements have any similarities with the actual elements? Will I get the same effects if I take chromium in pill form for example? please reply