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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Keynotes on the Stage 5 Remedies.

 Preparation and Postponing in the Stage 5 Remedies.

Dr. Scholten describes Stage 5 as “Preparation”.   The project is just starting.  It looks huge. You  have the  planning permission, the techniques but no previous experience or structure. Its very easy to get discouraged, and postpone things - if you do you get stuck in Stage 5!

  The sphere of doubt in the Ferrum Series is at work, in the Silver Series it is in creativity, in the Lanthanides it is in the outer expression of our inner power, in the Gold Series is in absolute outer power and in the Uranium Series is in intuition and wisdom.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Ferrum Series is Vanadium.  All the Ferrums  want to protect themselves but they are usually obliged to  put up with “the rules of the game”, so their own feelings get suppressed, and they can feel guilty if their performance is sub-standard. 

In Vanadium the feeling is of doubt.  They want success but feel that they might not be able to complete the project.  They are tortured by their fear of failure. The result is that they become indecisive.  They can loose sight of their goals and start to worry about little things.

* Ailments from domination - history of excessive parental control.
* Confidence - want of self-confidence.
* Fear, failure of.
* Irresolution.
* Yielding disposition.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Silver Series is Niobium.   In this series the focus is on performance and perfection.  They are creatively inspired and want to be special.

In Niobium they doubt  their creativity.  They feel their ideas are special and want to strike out on their own. They set their goals high, but then the projects seems unrealistic.  They are easily slighted and hurt. Their creation will never be perfect  and the whole thing becomes a burden.  They can get stuck on the preparations.  They don't know if they can do it or not and become apathetic.  They would love attention and admiration but they fear that they are not good enough.

* Fear - failure of - examinations, in.
* Dreams - mistakes, of making.
* Hurry.
* Haughty.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Lanthanides is Praesodymium.  The focus of the Lanthanides is on self-control and inner strength.  Their efforts are directed toward achieving and expressing strength of mind.

In Praesodymium they doubt that they can prove their autonomy.  They are very cautious because their plans are easily flattened - pushing themselves forward feels dangerous.  They are afraid to say what they feel to some degree (not as much as Lanthanum or Cerium).   Their realisations are a bit naive but still quite genuine. 

In Praesodymium there is an urge to really start to confront the shadow and accomplish self-control.

* Hesitating to be autonomous.
* Hesitating to learn self-control.
* Hesitating to delve into the shadow.

- The Stage 5 remedy of the Gold Series is Tantalum.  The focus of the Gold Series is responsibility.  They use their power to rule – for better or for worse.

In Tantalum they doubt that they can be a  leader.  They have a strong desire to reach the top but their plans are not very well defined and their expectations are unrealistic. They don't really know how to put their plans into practice and spend ages on the details.  They need a lot of encouragement or they will hesitate.  If they become too arrogant someone will slap them down.

* Delusions, superiority of.
* Haughty.
* Intolerant of contradiction.
* Fear falling of.
* Dreams - poisoned, being. Failures.


Reflection: Once you get the context of rubrics thier meanings become clearer.

For example, what could "Dreams of being poisoned" signify in stage 5?

In the Gold Series its a feeling that someone's going to obstruct your rise to power.

In the Lanthanide Series its a feeling that other peoples ideas "poison" or damage your beliefs.

In the Silver Series its a feeling that other people poison or obstruct your creative ideas.

In the Ferrums petty people and rules interfere with your work.

Conclusion: Being poisoned, damaged, or obstructed becomes a common theme within the context of stage 5. In Stage 6 one starts to overcome these obstructions, in Stage 8 we force our way through them and by Stage 9 they are merely irritating.

Biblio: The Minerals, Elements and Lanthanides books by Dr. Scholten.


  1. Power in Stage 5 of the Gold Series, Tantalum, can be interpreted as "Personal Power", i.e. a sense of your own competance and capablity (or lack of it!).

    It has an element of responsibility (or more likely, lack of!), but asserting your responsibility is only really taken on board in Stage 6 - where the challenge is accepted.

  2. What's the Difference beween Vanadium (Ferrums) and Tantalum (Gold)?

    Vanadium does not have quite the same aspirations as Tantalum. Vanadium just want to be heard.

    Tantalum's electron stucture is much heavier than Vanadium's. It is a powerful remedy and it seems to have a strong affinity for the heart chakra. It has a frustrated desire to take control and exert its influence for the benefit of all.

    Praesodymium is a more reflective remedy and it seems to have an affinity for the intellect and thus enables greater self-reflection.

  3. Hi Steph!

    Great Blog and very useful informations!

    I read that miasms also can be differentiated in stages. Malaria is in stage 5. They perceive this stage as "being stuck in something",like Niobium (in silver series) which is stuck in his creative process, always waiting for inspiration or worse, he has inspiration, but at the moment he desires to perform his art he gets fever or headache or becomes tired ... sometimes they have the sensation that others would hinder them in their art and this makes them really angry.

    The cause for the stage 5 is (as always) some trauma which convinced them to stay at home or stay where they are in their progress and don't go further. Maybe they don't like to dance (perform art, expose themselves to the critic of others).

    They get also stuck in daydreaming of what they could all achieve. Their goals seems so near and so far, which is tantalizing and a real torture for them. So they postpone their success, only preparing their debut (in art or science or engineering ... regarding silver series, but the other series are similar in this regard).