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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Themes from the Synonym database: Iris and Vanil, Cheerful, Amative. Croc: Religious.

Look out for Dr.Sankarans Liliflorae Themes:

Forced out. Squeezed.  Oppressed, constrained. Constricted. Excluded.

They hold on -> attractive behaviour to be included.

family Alliaceae Rx: All-c, All-s, All-u. Now Includes the Amaryllidaceae, (spp. Amaryllis, Galanthus: Snowdrop, Narcissus, Leucojum.)

Family sensation: Sinking

Top (core) Alliaceae Rubrics ...

Allium cepa (Onion)

Therapeutics: Excoriating coryza. Acute hay fever.

Allium Sativum (Garlic) Boericke

A feeling of restlessness with impatience, worse when alone.
  • Fear, alone, of being. Weeping in sleep. Fear, death, of.
  • Menorrhagia. > Menses, acrid, excoriating.
  • Urethra:Pain, burning. > Urine: Albuminous or Dark.
  • Eye: Agglutinated > Nose: Coryza > Larynx: Scraping
Therapeutics: Affinity for mucous membranes.
Sensations of :Ailments: gluttony! Incarcerated flatus. Distension.
family Asparagaceae e.g. Aparagus. Agavaceaea (e.g. yucca), Hyacynthaceae sometimes included.


Aspargus contains anti-oxidnants, chromium and nickel.

Prooving: A peculiar anxiety, with palpitation of the heart, and ill-humor.

  • Anxiety.> Irritability. Restlessness.
  • Morose.> Carried, desires to be.
  • Excitement. > Cheerful.
  • Hydrophobia.
  • Sleepiness
  • Cutting and burning in urethra.
Miasm: Sycotic.
Similars: Ferr ph-c pic-ac.
Shared Sx: Sycosis. Weakness and heaviness. Taciturn averse to company. Sexuality.

Hyancinthoides non-script (Agra or Scilla nutans - Bluebell)

It relaxes the whole system. Chill from exposure to cold winds.
  • Sleeplessness
Therapeutics: Catarrh.


  • Thoughts, wandering. > Fancies, lascivious.
  • Mood, changeable, variable. > Irritability.
Therapeutics: Pain in the liver.
Gonorrhoea: Erythematous redness of the genitals.
family Iridaceae

spp. Crocus etc, Rx: Croc. Iris-t, Home, Iris-fa.
Top (core) Iridaceae Rubrics ...
Morose (peevish)
Anger (easily)

Crocus Sativus (Saffron) Boericke

A capricious and impressionable state. A very sensitive person. They are sexually attractive, exhuberant and extravegant. She loves music and laughter. Intense affection which doesn't last. The excitement transforms into vexation and hysteria.
  • Impressionable. Sensitive. Ailments, from joy, excessive.
  • Ailments from abuse, reproaches, emotions, anger.
  • Anger, alternating with repentance quick > Anger, trifles.
  • Contemptuous. Hardhearted.
  • Sympathetic. Offended easily.
  • Dreams: The dead. Fire. Misfortune. Striving.
  • Extremities, numbness. Pain: paralytic, aching, burrowing, tearing.
She can be a bit spaced out, and confuses past and present. The dreams are anxious, full of striving. Her Ladyship may have difficulties of a financial nature!
Theme: Rapid change. Neglect vs. Belonging.
Therapeutics: Metrorrhagia. Asthma. Rheumatism.
Miasm: Sycotic.

Iris Versicolor (Blue flag)

She is very similar to Crocus, but this a deeper state - the dreams are much more vexatious and frightening.

An aristocratic and showy flower, which reflects in the patients dress sense. Moods alternate from dipleasure and irritability to livliness (parties, joking, laughing). They care for others, but keep thier existential maliase to themselves. They feel that life is useless.

They are afraid of growing old and death (dreams of digging, graves and autopsies) ... the Greek goddess Iris leads the souls of dead women and lays Irises on their graves. (Joy Lucas)

  • Nervous fretfulness. Irritable. > Suicidal, thoughts.
  • Censorious. Anger, easily. Discouraged.
  • Sadness. Company, aversion to.
  • Laughing. Amourous.
  • Dreams: The dead. Graves. Fire. Fights. Amorous.

Affinities: Liver. Thyroid. Burning (GI tract).
Therapeutics:Headache or periodic Migrane with blurred vision. Vomits bile. Sciatica. Rheumatism.
Sensations: As in Crocus there are stitching, tearing and shootings pains.
Miasm: Syphilis or Malaria.


family Orchidaceae e.g. Vanilla. Rx:[Vanil. Cypr. Spira. Corh.]

Top (core) Orchidaceae Rubrics ...
Ennui or Ecstacy

Spiranthes (Ladies tresses)

Complaining mood with melancholy thoughts. Affinity: Eyes, liver, kidneys.
  • Anxiety of conscience.
  • Complaining. Ennui. Sadness, Weeping. Hysteria.
  • Sexual desire increased or wanting. Dreams, amorous.
  • Delusions, brain seems to wobble. Vertigo.
  • Male, coition averse to. Sexual desire wanting or increased.
  • Leucorrhoea. Dryness. Itching.
Sensations: Heaviness. Pressing.

Cypripedium (Ladies slipper)

Restlessness and irritablity (hysteria) then debility and profound indifference. Amenorrhoea.

Corallorhiza (Crawley root)

Restless fever.

Dipodium puncatum (Hyacinth Orchid)

  • Rubrics: Generals - weakness. Sleeplessness.

Vanilla aromatica

Vanilla spp. are climbing vines. Vanilla is known as an aphrodisiac. Material Perfection, like the Steptford Wives, bland, normal, but sensual.
  • MaleFemale genitalia - sexual desire increased ()or decreased).
  • Mind - mental power increased.
Therapeutics: Anemia.
family Ixioliriaceae spp. Ixiolirion. (formerly Amaryllidaceae).
family Blandfordiaceae spp. Blandfordia.
family Asteliaceae spp. Astelia.


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