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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Ayurveda - Vata: Aspects of Clarity and Awareness

  Arg-nit is the archetypal remedy for fear of heights and for the fear of being closed in.  These symptoms are actually addressed by the Nitrogen element. Nitrogen's contribution to the action of the remedy can be seen from the rubrics of gaseous Nitrogenium.

 FEAR - causeless
 FEAR - crowd, in a
 FEAR - elevators; of
 FEAR - flying; of
 FEAR - narrow place, in
 FEAR - strangers, of
 FEAR - tunnels; of
 FEAR - walking - of walking

The fears found in the gaseous elments, Oxygenium and Nitrogenium, are highly characteristic of a derangement of the air element - called Vata, in Ayurvedic Medicine.

The characteristics of Vata these gases show are light, dry subtle, mobile and clear.  The light quality gives alertness to our awarness. Too much of the light quality causes ungroundedness and spaciness.

Oliness creates cohesion.  Without oiliness Vata dosha becomes too dry, which creates a feeling of isolation and separation.  This feeling is enhanced by the  subtle and clear qualities of the Vata mind.  The mobile quality manifests as restlessness.

There are 67 remedies in the rubric FEAR - narrow place, in.  The most significant being:
ACON, ARG-N, STRAM followed by Aur-m-n, Bamb-a, Calc, Ign, Lac-d, Lyc, Puls and Tritic-vg.

Can you see how these five aspects of the air element contribute to the overall symptomology of each one?

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