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Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Malvales - Stage 15; loosing the connection.

Malvales - Sterculaceae and Tilaceae.

Sterculaceae::Theobroma cacao (Chocolate)

Euphoria or Affection quickly turning to irratation. Doesnt want any disturbance. Wants to get away, "I felt restricted, like being outside, roaming, free."

Then there is a sense of being alone in the world. Irritability and Aversion (cf. Abroma & Kola) becomes deep separation. Cured symptoms: "A desire to be in contact with the earth". "The separation I have always felt is gone, I feel a part of what's around". "The fear is gone".

Profile ...

  • Euphoria. Excitement (Joyous, Nervous). Wildness
  • Affectionate vs. Aversion (husband, children, company)
  • Irritability: Trifles. Towards children. When disturbed
  • Delusions/Feelings: Forsaken, Estranged, Alone or Separated.
Sensations: Awkward, heavy. Of being a wild animal.
Miasm: Shows Acute and Typhoid aspects.

Tilaceae::Tilia (Lime)

The state results from the loss of connection to a loved one, social life or even occupation. There is loneliness and much sadness. It can go very deep, especially if there is berevement.

Profile ...
  1. Despair. Sad. Melancholy, disposed to weep
  2. Ailments from disappointed love. Love sick.
  3. Dread of society. Fear of company. Indifference.
  4. Pleasure. Laughing, (cured Sx?).
  5. Irritable. Censorious. Anger from contradiction
  6. Fear of narrow spaces or entering a room. Being in the House agg.
  7. Dreams of danger, fire, flood, black water.
The rubrics which point to the heart of Tilia are pleasure and love-sick. They imply the person is no longer happy because she has no love. Rajan gives connection as the theme of the Malvales. Loss of connection fits Tilia. The lost connection may be subconscious, as in the case below.

Case: Px had cosmetic surgery which did not please. She became sad and withdrawn. On taking Tilia 1M she found a connection to a suppresed part of herself - an extreemly angry subconsious part which was blaming her for having the procedure and ruining her social life.

She was able to connect with, love, and accept the accusing voice and integrate it back into her life. All the other Tilia Sx listed showed some improvement. The problem still exists, but she is no longer tearing (Carc!?) herself apart.

If we had considered anger - mistakes about or reproaching oneself as the center of the case we would'v ended up with some other 'solution', probably Aur-n-m or Thuja, which may have helped, but nothing in the repertory really comes close.

For me this highlights the benefits of struggling to gain a deep understanding of the plant families... not just on the level of sensation, but on the level of meaning.
Sensation: Detatched.
Miasm: Sycosis.

Comparative Extraction: Sterculaceae [choc, kola, abrom] vs. Tilaceae [tilia]

Consider how the themes of fragmentation or losing or achieving connection pervade the affect (mood) of these remedies.
  • Company (aversion) - choc kola til
  • Quarrelsome - choc kola til
  • Despair - choc kola til
  • Sadness - chol kola abrom til
  • Weeping - choc kola til
  • Thoughtful - kola til
  • Indifference - choc kola abrom til
  • Excitement - choc kola abrom
  • Laughing - choc kola abrom til
  • Irritability - choc kola abrom til
  • Dread - choc kola til
These themes pervade all the remedies of the Malvales.


  1. Situation: Serious accident:

    I became very close indeed to someone I care very much for, almost joined at the hip you could say. After caring for him for over six months though intensive pain and so much mental/emotional suffering I lost the ability to 'be' with myself. Every second was devoted to my patient, night and day.


    Cocculus is the traditional remedy for caring and long night-watching. It didn't match my feelings. Sankaran's sensation method associates the Malvales with close bonds and connections. The bond was so close as to be inseperable. Too close. My individual identity was virtually forgotten.


    I took Kola 1M (A remedy classified in the Leprous Miasm, which is characterised by profound separation). Kola nuts are traditionaly give to welcome strangers - so you can see the connection with human bonds and social inclusion already!

    I accomplished the 'leprous' separation I was looking for and I became self-sufficient, i.e. centered on my own self and needs, but also, as you might expect from a leprous remedy, hard, superior and outspoken with it (a complete 'twat' in other words). However, the the important thing is that the bond was broken. At long last! I can now enjoy quality time with my own self! I can forget my patient and get on with other work, meditation, or whatever I want.'

    Today I had a bite of Bournville (dark chocolate) and suddenly found myself wanting to cry, and Oh No! Wanting LOVE!

    Aha, you might say ... remedy effect undone! - but no, not so fast - now its with sense of my own precious separate self.


    The Bournville experience really shows the effect of potency ... the mother substance itself (theobroma) vs. 1M potency, AND the importance of getting a grip on the organic chemistry of the Botanical Family.

    Interesting to note also that ALL the remedies in this fascinating Botanical family centre around 'loss of connection' in various ways - not just the leprous ones.


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