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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The issue of identity in Row 3 and the Lanthanides

Speculation on the relationship of Row 3, the identity series, and the Lanthanides.

Consider a hypothetical case where the impact of an alcoholic abusive father causes suppression of identity in Alumina,Al2O3, [R3,Stg3].

Sankaran, Structure, P427: Where the parent continually dominates the child saying “No, that’s wrong, you know nothing, I’ll show you how its supposed to be done”.

The result is seen in the rubrics: 

Row 3 Right Side of P.T.
 “Irresolution, timidity and fear”.
  “Confusion, identity to his“. 
 “Delusion, I am small”.

Now Row 3 is about the childhood development of one’s ego and identity (P. 308). The child needs support. Rajan says, “It is an important issue in man to develop his individuality, have and identity, choice and ego”.  On the Right Side of the Periodic Table (figure above) the sense of ego, self and individuality is more developed -  Sulphur is well known for its selfish or willful posture towards the outside world.  It's the instinctive relationship of our ego or self, to the outside world that is brought to maturity in the third row.

Now please compare the above with Row 7.
The sense of control and power over our inner world is improved by the remedies of this row.   We are told that the issues are of autonomy, independence, inner control and inner self.   These are very adult themes, but see how damage at the level of row 3 effects someone’s realisation and fulfilment of this row? Are we going to prescribe a Row 3 remedy or one from Row 7 or a combination?  Combinations of remedies from these rows can be dramatic because their relationship is extremely complimentary - being able to resolve both inner and outer conflicts.

 Consider the rubrics (themes) of Lanthanum Oxydatum, R7,St3, it has the same anion as Alumina, and it demonstrates a recurrence of issues: They are unable to state their autonomy and independence. Jan points out it’s the result of feeling that they are not worth very much (Lanthanides P. 117).

  My dilemma as a Practitioner, was to decide which remedy to give to a 40yr old woman who‘s found refuge in T.M. (or some simial ethical structure) for 20yrs …. Would Alumina suffice to reduce her dependence on her adopted ethics?  The case has Autonomy and Row 3 issues. We hope the client will become free to express her identity, which would also be important in an Alumina case. 
Alumina is the childhood expression Stage 3 issues.

I would expect a deeper penetration and reaction from Lanthanum (or perhaps La-Oxy, because Alumina is an oxide), which enhances our sense of being firm and grounded.

Conclusion: As predicted by the theory of 'Stages' in the Periodic Table, remedies from the same stage of row 7 and row 3 are closely related - but act on deeper levels of self expression.

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