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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Kali Sulph - Voice Dialogue

Mrs Kali-S, expressed through the voice dialogue method.

Big Mind: I have to look after my partner and friends.

Big Heart: I must bring kindness, love and joy to my family and friends.

The Protector : Having the respect of family and friends makes me feel secure, so I have to stand by everything they do. I worry about others. I'm afraid of the people at work. People should always take care of each other.

The Seeker: I work hard for my family because I need their respect (Delusion: disgraced).

The Shadow: I feel proud when I have the respect of my family and friends. I'm upset by trifles, such as rudeness at home. I'm easily offended. I can get angry and even hysterical when the harmony of my home is disturbed. I'm easily discouraged so sex is out! I sleep lightly but I have vivid dreams ... robbers, murder and accidents.

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