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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Exploring Stage15: Yielding and Loss

Stage 15 is well on the way down-hill. The remedies in Col 15 fight back against the odds fiercely when put under pressure but there comes a point at which they give way and become very dark and very ill.

 According 'Homeopathy and the Elements', P.58 the elements in this column have a profound sense of loss.

This sense of loss is associated with the Tubercular Miasm, where there is a rush to savour lifes wonder, right down to the last drop. The lighter elments in this column, Nitrogen and Phosphorous types, when healthy, seem to mirror this stage, where there is a rush to travel and savour society (Phos), enjoyment and freedom (Nit).

But make no mistake, there is a dark side to the phosphorous extravert. The tubercualar miasm  is a precarious and dangerous place to be because, in the not too distant  past, the diagnois of T.B. implied the most awful and uncurable degeneration of the lungs imanginable.  You were just left to get on with it. So, this miasm has another side to it, a narrowing down of lifes enjoyments, leaving only the threat of darkness, despair, utter lonliness and ultimately defeat.  

One moment the Tubercular person is elated and happy to be alive, the next they feel very poorly, and frightend of feeling so close to death.  This can actually be the case in the lung complaints that call for Phos, Ars and Ant-c.  There is an air of death in all these.  

Once the pathology takes hold the battle is lost.  The patient yields.

Definition: yielding (adj)  Wordnet

a verbal act of admitting defeat
(adj.) tending to give in or surrender or agree -> docile -> gentle;
(adj.) lacking stiffness and giving way to pressure ->soft;
(adj.) inclined to yield to argument or influence or control;
Similar to: compromising -> flexible, conciliatory -> appeasing.

Repertory Similars: Retaliate, cannot. No, cannot say. Mildness, etc.

A closer look at Yielding through Stage 15

They are very susciptible to bad news.   The delusion of being in a law suit shows the sense of threat and their agressive response.   They lack the power to fight of this level of threat alone.  When things go wrong there is a fatalistic atittude in nit-ac. the yielding attitude shows through in the rubric, 'DELUSIONS - will power; as if loss of'. 

Like Phos they can be agitated, ill humoured, hypochondriachal and afriad of death.  

Phos shares some of the agitation of Nit-ac.  Phos can become very agitated about work.  If they are too poorly to work it can really feel as if everything is shutting down; its not just loss of income, its also the loss of the social context in which they thrive that means so much to them. They become very worried and anxious, even driven to suicidal thoughts.

Ars has Alcoholism from weakness of character. Yielding is still a theme in Ars.(>Mildness) but she has lost so much that she has gone into a despair beyond merely yielding.

Likewise, a  yielding state in Antimony is expressed by a combination of rubrics such as "cannot bear to be looked at" (>Cowarice), 'carried, desires, to be' and the depth of fear is described by the rubric: fear - recover, he will not.  Loss is evident in the sense of nostalgia.

Bismuth kills herself - the suffering is almost unimaginable - constriction of chest, angina, palpiation and so on - desparately clinging to anything or anyone.   The Bismuth state is reminiscent of the ultimate yielding of Hara-kiri, where all the power and respect is lost.

And Thulium?

Jan says Thulium gives up autonomy for the sake of gaining Self. What could this mean? Well, he adds that giving up their personality is their Achilles heel. Its much more than backing down out of politeness like Phos. Is it yielding the ultimate... submission? What kind of submission?
Is submission the strategy that runs through Stage 15?

Jan gives: Loss, Surrender, Handing over, sacrificing and refusing.

Post Script: Distribution of Yielding rubric through the Stages.
  • Stage 1 nat-c nat-m (>Mildness. >Cowardice) Caust : Yield because they are submissive and unsure of themselves.
  • Stage 2 Mag-m Calc-sil (>Mildness) Bar-c (>Benevolence. >Cowardice) Bar-m : Ditto. Timid. Flexible. Indecisive. (>Bar-s. servile, obsequious, submissive)
  • Stage 10 Carb-v Sil : They are uncertain and unstable and therefore easily influenced (>Servile, obsequious, submissive. >Benevolence. > Cowardice).
  • Stage 10 Aur-m-n : Gives up (>mildness) when she feels she has failed. (>Aur: servile, obsequious, submissive. >Benevolence. >Cowardice)
  • Stage 11 Cupr: Proving & Holding on through rituals. His perseverance softens under criticism (>Servile, obsequious, submissive. >Cowardice).
  • Stage 12 Zinc: Repeating, copying & overproduction. Yields under pressure of failure (>Cowardice. >Mildness).
  • Stage 15 Phos. Ph-ac: Fears loss of friendship so she appears submissive and polite (>Benevolence. >Mildness. >Cowardice).
  • Stage 17 Flour-ac: Gives up and becomes indifferent to business and to family.

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