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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What is Memory to a Homeopath?

Homeopathic Remedies tunnel back in time.

Each point on the graph below represents a significant growth ring, perhaps the result of a traumatic year. Metaphorically speaking, a remedy works backwards from the present moment through all the rings until its momentum is exhausted. Theoretically the only way the remedy can work its way back to birth, at point zero, is if there is something there - at point zero - that it resonates with. That would be the simillimum of your life. In the case illustrated below Lutetium went all the way back. The depth is therfore 100%. There were still obstructions to be resolved though - the width was something much less than 100%.

Anacardium, the second remedy was needed, which had a depth of about 60%, and a width of 20%. It stopped acting when it reached origin of that particular obstruction. The job's a good'un?

A further problem was resolved by Sabadilla, which went back to almost the same year as Anacardium - a depth of about 55%. It had a tiny width - only 10% ...represented by a single rubric. Lut-oxy, Anac and Sabad memories and experiences must connect on some point of common susceptablity somewhere, purely on the fact that they exist in the same mental contiuum, but no other remedy could ever be quite so specific for that particular extreem Sabadilla situation.

There is no way a single remedy could ever solve that case! Q.E.D.

Conclusion: Was that case of a Mineral or a Plant? Well ... Its a no-brainer really, don't we all need some structure and don't we all have some sensitivity? Of course, a dent in the structure of our reality (shock) would affect our sensitivites, but a structural remedy would not necessarily address every sensitivity issue. We can still include Aconite in our travel kit if we are diagnosed as a "mineral" type.

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