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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Voice Dialogue with the remedy derived from Platinum

The Big Mind Process applied to Platina.

The Autonomous Self

  • The Integrated Self - My very soul is exalted!
  • Big Mind - I am proud of everything I do.
  • Big Heart - I'm a sexual egoist too, above anything common.
The Powerful Self
  • The Protector - My job is to protect the Self from harm. I want to protect my pride. I might have implants or a face-lift, because I fear that i'm not appreciated. I have a real temper, even from trifles. I'm contemptuous and easily offended. I can be violent and cruel. I don't like being ruffled by children.
The Controlling Self
  • The Controller - My job is to control. I'm dictatorial and contemptuous of everyone. I'm beautiful and I'm rude to everyone - because I'm worth it! If you lend me money I'll treat you to a lavish night out, but once I'v spent it all thats it, you'll never see me again. As long as my lawyers and bankers are happy I don't care.
The Searching Self
  • The Seeker - I'm already spiritually accomplished. I'm self-absorbed and narcissistic about it. I don't really care about religion. I like expensive things, gaiety and excitement, catch up with me at the Cannes Film Festival.
The Reflective Self
  • The Voice of the Dualistic Mind - I struggle to control my excessive sexual passion and frustration with everything. It's all beneath me really, but that makes me feel strange, disconnected and alone. I don't really care about my family.
The Shadow Self
  • The Damaged Self - I can be highly erotic or highly egotistical. I have to express my exaggerated sense of self somehow! The other side of my ego is a feeling that I'm a disgrace. My temper tantrums open up my dark side. I can commune with the dead. People look dark and devilish. I'm haunted by a fear that I could easily die.
  • The Vulnerable Child - I feel frightened and alone, because I don't really belong. I don't want to be abandoned. I'm sad, sulky, anxious and weary of life.

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