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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Voice Dialogue with Merc

The Big Mind Process applied to Merc.

The Autonomous Self

  • The Integrated Self - My main issue is the fear of losing my power.
  • Big Mind - I must protect my failing, rotten kingdom any way I can.
  • Big Heart - I'm a hypocrite, totally alone. I've lost faith in everything.
The Powerful Self
  • The Protector - My job is to protect the Self from harm. I want to protect my position and my luxurious lifestyle. I do this by being guarded and suspicious of everyone, especially backstabbers. I don't like open spaces, or crowds. Anything could happen. My enemies might try some trick on me.
The Controlling Self
  • The Controller - My job is to control. I'm disgusted and discontented with everything. I'm terse, rude, hateful and dictatorial and I will destroy anyone who offends me or gets in my way.
The Searching Self
  • The Seeker - I'm bored and cynical about everything. I'm sick of empty flattery. I love flashing money around but then I go gambling to claw it back.
  • The Vunerable Child - I want to be at home. I feel frightened and forsaken. I have a horrible sensation of falling.
The Reflective Self
  • The Voice of the Dualistic Mind - I struggle to control all sorts wild and frightful ideas, even of my own impulses. I'm lascivious and will try anything. A slight offence makes me want to kill anyone, even my loved ones. I have a "thing" about knives.

The Shadow Self
  • The Damaged Self - I feel as if I'm dying. I'm not afraid of death. I want out! Its Hell anyway!
  • The Skeptic - My job is to be skeptical of everything. I keep trying but I worry about the future. It's all going to end badly. I loath this life sometimes.

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