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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Oxygen is Worthless?

Exploring the theme of Worthlessness in Oxygen (Stage 16).

A portrait derived from the Oxygenium rubrics ...

The Oxygen client is normally sensitive and sympathetic. They have a sense of what is just and fair, and are easily offended. Then they rationalise everything and loose contact with their emotions. The resulting depression extends to diminshed self-appreciation. They can try to compensate by being sarcastic and egotistical.

The Oxygen rubric, "Indifference external things to" describes the state that arises from the feeling that everything is worthless.  A similar state (Worthlessness + Indifference) is also found in Agnus Castus, Anacardium, Thuja and Perigrine Falcon.

In Agnus Castus there is arrogance, discontent, alternating with self-contempt, deep sadness and a worthless feeling.  Anacardium trys to impress because she feels helpless, insecure and has a lack of confidence.Thuja feels unlovable - lonely and empty. The Peregrine feels trapped.

The rubric "Indifference to external things" lists several other remedies. Do the other remedies listed in this rubric express the same sense of worthlessness?

Schroyens: [agn am-c am-m anac berb bit-ar bov buth-a calc-p cann-i cham cic coca-c con euphr falco-pe Hell Kola lyc merl olib-sac op ozone part-ra Ph-ac plat polys rumx stann staph SULPH tarent thuj verat vip].

Roger van Zandervort: [achy allox bac Bos-s choc Heroin lsd oxyg PHOS pyrit sulo-ac]

The expression of 'worthlessness' can be determined by examining each remedy in the context of our best understanding of its totality. Some examples:

Caryophyllales: Amaranthaceae: achyranthes calea : Psychological themes: rationalizing, lack of feeling, depression; Apathy; Remorse, repentance; Fear of suffering.

In Achyranthes the indifference looks like the expression of a moral dilemma - the amoral polarity swings back to quietude, fear, repentance and remorse. This is one-step removed from the Pyrites feeling and two-steps removed from the Oxygen feeling.

Bos-s:- Bos-s is Frankincense - Boswellia serrata: Sapinales. Normally, Religious, sensitive and clairvoyant, harmonious, loving and altrustic, he can loose his state of grace and become worried about trifles, ashamed and discontented with himself and even confused about his identity. There is detatchment and misanthropy.

am-c and am-m:-
Both Ammonia compounds, the (bi)carb [NH4HCo3] and the chloride [NH4Cl], contain Nitrogen. Nitrogen (stage 16) has the delusion that everything is meaningless, which is only a short step away from getting into the indifference of Oxygen (stage 17). Am-c also contains Oxygen so it's no wonder that it is estranged, indifferent and has a delusion that things are empty.

Carbonicums can also feel that thier self-worth is in doubt and to them the world is a hard place - carbon adds a softness to any compound. Carbon compounds dissolve harsh realities into soft tears and the world takes on a softer aspect. 

am-m:- Ammonium chloride (the chloride ion is at stage 17) has its own special take on loathing and aversion to everything. The tears of Chlorine compounds (Muriaticums) can flow from self pity. The bicarb decomposes to the chloride which mirrors the homeopathic change from stage 16 to 17 ... 
NH4HCO3 + HCl → NH4Cl + CO2 + H2O

Alloxan is produced by the oxidation of uric acid (ammonia again)!

pyrit:- Pyrite: Fools Gold: FeS2: Psychological themes: rationalizing, lack of feeling, depression; shame, offence; despair; lonliness; self-appreciation diminished; Delusions, he is being beaten. Dreams, stealing, persued. Misanthropy. Quiet wants to be. Sadness. Weeping.

Pyrites seems to have an Indifference that is similar to the Oxygen feeling. Generally Ferrums push hard, but can breakdown (weakness of will) when they are criticised. The sense of worthlessness may be due to the disulphide since Sulphur (Stage 16, like O2) has various degenerate themes, e.g. "He is disgraced". Sulphur also comes up empasized in capitals in the rubric.

Stage 15: Psychological themes: Altruism. Compulsions, responsibility decreased, avoiding. Distance, reservation. Apathy. Desires nothing. Discontented - everything. Disgust - everything. Estranged. Indifference.

The indifference in Phos (Stage 15) is close to the Oxygen state (Stage 16) -but a healthy Phos is usually very affectionate so the state of indifference develops as a result of being let down or being put upon, if there is a feeling of worthlessness it arises from a different cause. Oxygen needs respect, Phos wants love.

bit-ar:- Bitis arietans: Viperidae: The Puff Adder: Forsaken. Homesick. Delusions: as if far off; separated from the world. Everything seems unreal. Spaced out feeling, as if he had taken drugs.

Vip-b:- Vipera berus: Viperidae: The European adder: Indifference. Discouraged. Forsaken. Hatred. Revengeful.

Indifference in the two Vipers considered above seems to be because their feelings are so intense that they are out of touch with reality. Its not a lack of self-worth.


  1. hi there
    wOnderful, thank you!
    where can I get a good read of the Oxygenium rubric....with Scholtens view as well.

    best alexsandra

  2. Alexs, A proving of Ozone (O3) was published by Anne Schadde.